Sunday, February 9, 2014

My search for the perfect chambray shirt ends at Scanlan & Theodore

This week was quite a rollercoaster, with incredible heat that caused power blockouts, followed by a crazy windstorm that caused city-wide damage and further blockouts (for 13 hours in my area, but even longer 5 minutes away, where my parents were).  Also, it was Lil' Brigs #2's first two days at childcare.  With a few hours to myself (I thought it'd be more, but housework sadly does not take care of itself), I managed to squeeze in some shopping in an actual brick & mortar store! Too many tempting offerings at Scanlan & Theodore!

Isn't this painting absolutely gorgeous?!? My sister painted it and gave it to Lil' Brigs 2 for Xmas (Lil' Brigs 1 pictured here, trying to hitch a ride on the hot air balloon)
The little ones' backpacks by Skip Hop
I have been searching for a nice chambray shirt for years.  Couldn't decide between this beautifully soft and fluid (tencel) denim shirt (epaulettes are a weakness of mine), and the one below.  The one below was a definite, but I caved and bought this one too)
 Love the neutral colour of this chambray, the cut (sadly one size too big, but if I tuck it in properly will still look good).  These pants were too big for me, but I was just trying them on as I was wearing a dress that day, plus I have these jeans in my size at home (and also in 4 other colours now! Yikes!)
Also couldn't resist this cotton/silk shirt dress (not a very good pic), love a good shirt dress, they're so easy to just throw on and get out the door...

My favourite pair of low boyfriend jeans, originally purchased in black, then added a navy/ink pair, then white, and then in the last few days, in the red and cobalt blue (have been after a red and cobalt pair of pants/jeans for years!)
all pics my own via iphone/instagram

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  1. I like the 2nd chambray shirt & the shirt dress on you the best. The penguin backpack is adorable! Can't believe they're in school-age already!!
    10 years ago (time flies!) we had hurricanes back to back, so we were days without power. And being on a well system, no power = no running water. So I can definitely understand being w/o electricity for long periods of time.

    1. I can't believe it's been 10 years already! I remember it well! We have family in Florida too.

      Ah! I thought you'd like that chambray shirt, and can definitely picture it on you ;)

      The little ones aren't quite at school age, my son will be 2 in May , and my daughter will be 4 (well, on the same day, they have the same birthday). So it's 'childcare' for my son, and 'Early Learning Centre' (kinda like pre-preschool) for my daughter :)