Monday, February 3, 2014

New in: Valentino Patent Trompe L'Oeil Mary Jane Pumps

It has been years since I've bought 4" stiletto heels, as I've been opting for mostly practical flat or 2.5" heels (or thereabouts).  I recently broke my high heel 'drought' with a pair of beautiful Valentino Trompe L'Oeil Mary Jane Pumps, which arrived this morning from Departement Feminin.  As always, the customer service was a delight, complete with a beautiful scented package and handwritten note...

 Cherries are my favourite fruit. YUM!

Shoes pictured with our latest issue of Peut-etre Magazine, which also featured the Valentino shoes, but in the 'chunky heel' version.

These shoes are a departure from my usual style, as I am not a 'polished' and elegant type of girl, unless it's slightly (or very) 'undone'.  So I'm picturing this mostly with my trusty drop crotch black pants from Scanlan & Theodore, and occasionally, worn with dresses when I feel like dressing up...

Happy Monday everyone!

All pics my own via iPhone (except for the large pictures of the shoes on their own, which is taken from the Departement Feminin website)


  1. Gorgeous photos of this shoe - Ive been admiring them since runway! I love the handwritten touch and packaging as well