Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ted Moseby of Fashion: How to pronounce designer names from A to Z

When I was studying Fashion Styling, the 'teacher' mispronounced Ralph Lauren and Louboutin, which was like nails down a chalkboard to my ears (I mean c'mon, she was 'lecturing' on Fashion Styling!).  My sisters say I am a 'Ted Moseby', in that I am always correcting them (this may be partially true), but I must admit that I was pronouncing some of the designer names in the video below wrongly!  Although I'm not sure why 'Nike' is in that video! Nike? Really?

Garance Dore shared this video from i-D, which shows you the A-Z pronunciations of all the trickiest designer (and one model– Xiao Wen Ju) names in fashion, and I just had to post it here for my future reference, and to share it with you all (although I'm sure most of you already would have seen it on Garance's blog)

Did you have any that you were pronouncing wrongly? I had never heard 'Loewe' being pronounced like that before, must remember that one!

Pic and Video via Garance Dore.

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  1. I was unsure why Nike and Alexander McQueen needed to be included! I learnt the pronunciation of Loewe (as per the video) from Vogue Forums many, many years ago and it's always stuck with me. Haha