Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Good Foundations

They say that lingerie and undergarments are the foundation to a good outfit, and this is so true. There is no point wearing a gorgeous outfit if you feel uncomfortable because something is riding up, or unsightly bulges are caused by your underwear. Well-fitting and well-made undergarments make for a good silhouette.

When the lovely people at Lingerie Please offered me the chance to review some of their pieces, I must admit I did not immediately jump to it, because every since my pregnancy, I have not given much thought to lingerie. However, after browsing through their store, I was pleasantly surprised to find a variety of practical items I would actually use (even though they have pretty frivolous items too).

Firstly, I picked the Trinny & Susannah Tummy Tucker Vest. You may remember me saying, in my 'Maternity Style' and 'Nursing Style' posts, that I have been living in my longline black camisole singlets. Even though I have more than one for each day of the week, they are looking worse for wear as I wear them almost 24/7. It is time for an upgrade...and this vest is brilliant. I love its cut (flattering), length (nothing worse than a singlet that keeps riding up), and the 10% cashmere it contains (so soft!). Most of all, as its name suggests, it has some tummy 'slimming panels', which are very subtle and discreet (i.e. it doesn't look like shapewear, so I can use it as outerwear). This has been great as I am far from losing my pregnancy weight. Don't be fooled though, this isn't like 'Spanx' or 'Nancy Ganz' 'girdle-like' shapewear, but that works well for me.

The other item I chose was the Wonderbra D to G Everyday Push-Up bra. The thought of a push-up bra has not crossed my mind in well over a decade, especially after my sister told me I looked like 'Mariah Carey' when I wore a Sass & Bide top (even though I am a fan of her early music, her 'look' was not one I wanted to emulate, haha - needless to say, I never wore that top again, and since then have been paranoid about showing cleavage). However, when I saw that it was specifically for D to G sizes, and for 'everyday', I thought I'd give it a go. This will be perfect for when I finish nursing: it has a smooth silhouette, and lifts without being what I think of as a 'push-up' bra (i.e. no Mariah Carey here).

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