Monday, July 25, 2011

Singapore: Chinatown & Ann Siang Hill

Apologies once again for going MIA without prior warning. I have been 'entertaining' family (my parents are visiting from Brazil, and my sister and gorgeous 7 month-old nephew were here for a week too), and have barely sat at the computer.

Anyway, following on from my previous post, here are more pics of my recent trip to Singapore. I quite enjoyed checking out Chinatown and the area nearby it, called Ann Siang Hill. The latter boasted cute little stores, restaurants, patisseries and cafes, with beautiful colonial architecture in glorious colours:

I am afraid I am not one of those glamorous fashion bloggers who totter around in 5" heels whilst travelling, donning runway-worthy garb. Hidden behind the pram I am wearing a 3.1 Phillip Lim draped skirt I love though, must try to take a pic of it sometime soon...

I was thankful that hubby restrained from purchasing this tee...

Loved the architecture, and beautifully painted buildings.

Freshly made sugar cane juice for hubby, and for me, one of my all-time favourite drinks: fresh young coconut juice, which I had with one of my favourite dishes: Hainanese chicken rice from Tian Tian at Maxwell Food Centre.

At Ann Siang Hill, a swanky neighbourhood next to Chinatown

Hubby was so excited to see this high chair in a cute little boutique with funky stuff, which was also a fancy patisserie. He said he sat in high chairs such as this as a kid, a week later, Lil J sat in one such chair in Malaysia, although it was not in such good condition as this one.

I remember seeing these dolls at my grandma's place when I was growing up, if you knock them down, they swing right back...

This gorgeous tricycle was too precious for words, and sadly, with a $1,115.00 price tag on it, Lil J will not be riding one anytime soon...

I have heard so much about Singapore's Chilli Crab, I just had to try one for myself...


  1. The blue of that building is gorgeous.

  2. I love singapore! Especially Ann Siang Hill - will be staying there in 4 weeks woo! x

  3. Pretty isn't it? I love those old shophouses:)

  4. Always heart your lovely photography!!!