Friday, September 2, 2011

Recent Buys: Hi-lo, hi-lo, a-shoppin' we will go...

It has been ages since I blogged a 'Recent Buys' post, partly because I have read that often some people view such posts as 'bragging', when that is truly never the case here. Still, I am so excited over some of my 'recent' purchases, I felt compelled to share. This is the first time I have ordered from Asos, and my items have yet to arrive (2 weeks and still no show), so I'm hoping they are as great in real life as I view them online. I am very happy with my Topshop purchase, although the background is 'pinker' than shown in the pic.

As you can probably tell from my purchases, I have a 'problem' that I often cannot decide between two colours, and often buy both (or sometimes more, like my Stella McCartney pumps), especially if they're a good price, and look very versatile/wearable...

Funnily, the most expensive item is the one I am having the most trouble trying to figure out how to wear (the Vanessa Bruno leather & lace jacket below), mostly due its pale sage green colour (tricky with my colouring - which I knew from the outset, but loved it too much to heed to), and also because the lace makes it quite 'girly', so I need to find a way to dress it down and toughen it up. So I would LOVE to hear any suggestions on what to wear it with!

High: Willow grey marle draped top

Low: Asos dresses (yes, I couldn't resist and got them in two colours)

Mid: Benah Kodi cuff (tan and black - no red as yet)

High: Theysken's Theory maxi dress

Low: Asos Silk blouson 'jacket' (again, bought in both colours)

High: Willow red silk draped dress

Low - Oak black asymmetrical tank dress

High: Vanessa Bruno leather & lace jacket (am working hard on trying to figure out what to wear with this)

Here's the jacket worn on the runway, I like that it's teamed with long-sleeved printed blouse, tried it on with such a blouse I have in my wardrobe, alas, it's too 'orange' and not blue-based enough to work.

Low: Asos silk draped dress (I think I love the back as much as the front)

High: Dries Van Noten skirt

Low: Topshop 'kimono'

Mid: 3.1 Phillip Lim lightweight cashmere-mix draped cardigan
Kai-Aakmann draped grey top - had wanted this ages ago, but it sold out before I got the chance to buy, and later found it on a discount site, only to pay $50 in postage, bringing it back to retail price, doh! Ah well, at least I found it!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!



  1. I adore the Topshop kimono - I am so obsessed with kimono jackets. And pleated skirts.

  2. The jacket you could probably do over something black + long sleeve, or a button down top of some kind. The cocoon-y dresses you picked out are beautiful. The cuffs are fantastic too.

  3. So am I Poptartlr!!! Obsessed about kimonos, that is :)

  4. Pret a Porter P - thanks for the suggestion! I tried it with a long-sleeved button down (as worn on the runway), just need to find the right colour. Funnily, I didn't try black! And thanks...LOVE my Kodi cuffs!

  5. BEAUTIFUL!!!! I like all your new additions to your wardrobe! Especially the ASOS dress! The cut & the colors are magnificent! The cut reminds me of the ACNE Dance Dress, I've got it some weeks ago in the sales. It's a perfect everyday wear item :) Willow is a marvelous label!!
    Regarding the dreamy Vanessa Bruno jacket (which I like the most among Isabel Marant) I don't know why but your great Philip Lim strapless rosette dress came to mind. Also navy and every shade of blue goes well with the beige of the jacket.
    Happy weekend to you and the family :)

  6. modediktat - you genius! I didn't think of the 3.1 PL dress! Wonder if I can fit back into it! The jacket is actually a pale green, but goes well with the colours you suggested, thank you very much!

    Pret a Porter P PS. Am hanging my head in shame, as I'm doing the opposite of culling my wardrobe like I should be doing!

  7. who cares if you're bragging? it's your blog! and i like knowing what other ppl buy. please show off your goodies!

  8. Haha, only the boy is mine! The lovely girl is my niece!

    Have a nice day!


  9. I adore the draped tops & the bold prints! Such chic finds! Love your style btw!

  10. Oh thank you for sharing! :) I love that ASOS drape dress!

  11. Love, Love, Love the ASOS dress. I need it in my life!

  12. No way, I LOVE these kinds of posts! So much to look at here... my favourites are the Benah cuff, ASOS blouse in white/mushroom and the Topshop kimono.

  13. I love recent buys posts! Screw the haters, you should do them more often :D

    I also buy items I really like in different colours (or sometimes the same colours...) but not usually for online purchases - I think I would just be too cut if it didn't suit me and I'd wasted double the money lol! But I have been known to buy something online, really love it when it arrives, and then be super depressed when I go to buy it in other colours but find it's sold out :(

    Loooooooooove the colours on that ASOS draped dress. And agree that the back is even more divine! I think I'd wear the sage green jacket with white over black, but it looks especially hot in the second pic!

  14. really liking those 2 asos dresses in blue and red... the red one i could get for myself too...