Friday, January 27, 2012

Watch this Space!

Issue 3 coming out soon.

I promise it will knock your socks off!

Have a fabulous weekend y'all!!!



  1. Peekaboo dear Brigadeiro.

    Your sweet comment took me directly to your blog. So nice to read you are back from Sydney (hope you´ll post some pics :).
    I´ve never heard about this mag but saw you have on the side bar also the issue 2 link so I have to check it out right now! The picture of the 3rd issue looks amazing.

    Have a beautiful relaxing weekend ahead with looots of sunshine.
    And here, it´s so freezing cold!!! Congrats on your Dries purchase!
    I was not able to resist and ordered the dress directly after the post :)
    Can´t wait to wear it and promise to show it on my blog!

    Hugs to you!!!

  2. This is so very sweet of you! I´ll be on a short weekend trip to Paris with my mom and sis so Colette is so perfect! Have it on my list :)
    The dress arrived at my parents address today so have to pick it up this afternoon and I´m really excited!!
    Sometimes when I´m too excited I have the fear to be disappointed when I open the box :)

    Have a nice weekend!!! Muah :)

  3. I browsed the past issue and it was fabulous! Very interested to see Issue #3!