Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Still alive and kicking...

Just a quick note to you all to wave my flag hello and say:

Yes, I'm still around, and no, I haven't had Lil Brigs #2 early (still due in 7 weeks).

My trip to Sydney was wonderful, but took a little toll on my poor (not-so-little) body, I have just been fighting a bug (or one after another, perhaps) for almost 3 weeks (being 8 months pregnant and taking care of my almost-2yr old has made it that much harder)! Just when I thought I couldn't feel worse, I do...Lost my voice, got cold sweats and crazy chills, aches all over and fever...

But (enough whingeing), I feel better today than I did yesterday (when Lil J was kind enough to let me practically stay in bed all day, climbing over me over and over and over again, while I moaned and drifted in and out of feverish sleep), so I thought I'd pop and say I will back to posting soon, and have an exciting giveaway coming...

So watch this space!

Oh, and also watch this space:

My sister started this fabulous blog, which includes delicious restaurant reviews (for those living or visiting Sydney), as well as fashion...and much much more to come!


  1. Oh no!! Hope you get to feeling better soon! And congratulations on Baby #2!! I had no idea!

    xo, sam

  2. Hehe!! Obrigada!! Hopefully lots of collaborations between J'adorais & brigadeiro! Hope you feel better very very soon!! Beijinhos xx

  3. C, espero que vc fique melhor rapidinho mesmo!
    É chato tar gravida e doente ao mesmo tempo.

    Muitas melhoras amiga!!!

  4. parabéns pelo bébé !! eu tenho dois meninos muito pequenos e também tenho um blog. não é fácil combinar tudo sobretudo quando se está doente... as melhoras para você !
    xx de Bruxelas, Bélgica (e eu sou portuguesa :)

  5. Oh nooooo!!! Hey sweetheart! I've already missed you and wondered if you're still on holiday.... Just to read you've been that ill.... I'm very sorry to read you have been ill, with fever and in bed, poor darling. Please take your time for getting well again, take good care of you and little astronaut. Wishing you a quick recovering and sending you lots of hugs your way!!! xxx

  6. Thank you all for your well-wishes! Things started turning around since Tuesday, and I see a light at the end of the tunnel, woo hoo! Such a change from my first pregnancy, when I managed to stay sick-free for practically all my pregnancy (except for the last few days before I got induced, when my little sister kindly shared her UK virus with me...). If I don't get sick again from now 'til D day, I will be SUPER happy! :)


  7. Great to hear you're getting better! Sounds like an absolute nightmare!! Best of luck til D day :-)