Thursday, May 10, 2012

Peut-être Magazine: The Hyeres Issue (Special Issue 1) - Oh, and Lil' Brigs #2 has arrived!!!

Hi everyone!

Apologies for going MIA, but I promise I have good reason! A few hours after my last post ($100 Shopbop Gift Certificate Giveaway), Lil' Brigs #2 decided to show up one week early, and stole his big sister's (Lil' Brigs #1) birthday! So now they will forever share the same birthday! I got back from the hospital yesterday.

On the same day as Lil' Brigs #2's birth, I received a lovely package from Nathalie, which included our Peut-être Magazine Special Hyeres Issue, which I am most excited about! With exclusive behind-the-scenes pictures and interviews with the incredibledesigners (Lea Peckre, Celine Meteil, Emilie Meldem, Maryam Kordbacheh and more) from the 2011 Festival and director Jean-Pierre Blanc, this issue is more than special.

I will share my favourite pictures from this issue in my next post, but you can flick through its virtual pages here (or below). Last week was the Hyeres Festival 2012,

The Shopbop $100 Gift Certificate Giveaway is still open until next Monday, 14th of May, so don't forget to enter!



  1. Congratulations!! What a coincidence that they were both born on the same day?!

  2. Oh Brigadeiro!!! This is so excited to hear and I`m so happy for you!!!
    Proud Mama!!! What a lovely coincidence they share now the same birthday!!!
    Sister Love forever :)

  3. ouuu a little boy!!! congratulations!!!! so cool that they have the same bday

  4. Love the blog - so maybe we can follow each others blog!? ;)

  5. Brigadeiro, wow what an amazing news!!!! Congratulations on baby #2!!!! That is the first time I heard about sister sharing the same birthdays day! Enjoy your little one, we'll be here when you are ready to come back to the blog world!

  6. Oh wow, congratulations on baby #2! That is awesome about them having the same birthday. Rest up and I hope your family are happy and healthy :)