Friday, June 15, 2012

A touch of Kwerkee-ness

I must admit that I have signed up to quite a few 'flash' sale sites (what can I say, I look a good discount). Most recently, I discovered Reebonz's site filled with designer handbags & accessories whilst browsing through some of my favourite blogs, and through that site I discovered Kwerkee. I instantly liked its premise and wares, and registered to become a member. Shortly after, I just so happened to receive an email from them with more information about the concept behind it, and its dedication to all things aesthetically pleasing, with fun and quirky home and lifestyle products for the design-conscious. From the last few weeks that I have been a member I have seen a huge variety of items, from jewellery, to cool present ideas (inc. for Mr Brigs, for whom I am always running out of ideas for), to items for children, home and office; mostly things I would never be able to find in stores (or wouldn't know where to find them, or wouldn't even think of in the first place).

Recent sale: these super cute string bow rings by Kiel:

Recent sale: Mawi jewellery:

I had trouble picking just a few items that are up up for sale this week to share (their flash sales run from 2 to 5 days):

Clocks made from old vinyl records, and vintage radios reconditioned/rewired to play iPod/MP3s!

How cute is the froggy mouse and the 'smarties' calculator? The megaphone speaker for the iPhone is brilliant!

Look at that cute dish brush, and that 24 carat gold coated vintage-look digital camera!

Funky (and so cute) household goods from 'Cook up a Storm'

Superhero USB's from Mimibots

Wanna play doll-house?

Live 'feeds' tell you the more popular/recently purchased items

To sign up as a member, you can click here (or on the picture above) to go to the sign up page.
Membership is free, and if you live in Singapore/Malaysia/Australia/Hong Kong delivery is also free! (wish my other 'flash sale sites' also offered free delivery):

They also have 'Perks for Kwerks' (friend referral program - which includes any friends you may have referred through Reebonz as well):

If you wanna find out more about Kwerkee, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Wishing you all a FABULOUS weekend!


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