Friday, August 31, 2012

Woo Hoo WILLOW!!!

At long last, Willow has joined the WWW of online shopping!

I am already eyeing a few pieces:

Wish I had nabbed the tweed jacket of the same fabric of this dress I bought, but this one is equally stunning

This dress looks so comfy and easy to throw on and head out the door...
Every season Willow cuts a mean black jacket, this peplum version is no exception.

They don't have the jacket on the shop (as yet), but that's what I am eyeing from this outfit...

The jacket, the pants, the of each please!

all pics via

I wish the images on the online shop could be zoomed into more, and I find the layout a bit bland and uninviting (which is often the case with actual designers' stores, why is that?), but at least it's finally here!


  1. C, Obrigada pela informacao. Tem tanto coisa que eu quero da Willow!!! Mas cade a grana? *LOL*

    1. Haha, concordo! $1000 por uma jaqueta?!? *sigh* xx CC

  2. Love Willow...really enjoying her new denim collection. x