Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kate Bosworth's Winter Wonderland for Topshop

It is crazy scary that Christmas is around the corner, where did the year go (and most noticeably, the last few months)?  As if this time of year isn't crazy enough, we have added moving house to the mix, just for fun (not!).  So in the midst of panicking, and attempting to pack, it was nice to see this little video of Kate Bosworth for Topshop, as she channels Michelle Pfeiffer in 'The Fabulous Baker Boys" singing 'Winter Wonderland', putting me in a more festive (momentarily slightly less stressed) mood:


It has inspired me to play some Christmas music as I chip away at the momentous task of trying to declutter and pack 7 years worth plus of accumulated 'junk'. HELP!


  1. you woudn't believe how much I like it.

  2. She's so beautiful

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