Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Oops, I did it again! Recent Buy: Zara embroidered bomber jacket

And so continues my obsession over embroidered bomber jackets...

I was recently chatting to my sister (who lives in London and blogs for J'adorais), about an exciting find I came across on Zara's website.  As I was typing that to her, she was typing about a jacket she saw in Zara with my mom when visiting her in Paris, and that they both thought of me on seeing it.  I sent her the link to mine: and voilà! It was the same jacket! They know me too well!

Remember the embroidered bomber jacket I scored for $5 at NHK's flea market in Tokyo during my Japan trip?  Unfortunately, being vintage, the jacket had seen better days, and it was always a little too big for me, as it was in fact a man's jacket.  Regardless, I wore/wear it a lot.  But I was always on a lookout for a replacement (although I'll still keep and wear the Japanese jacket).  Isabel Marant's Pieric silk jacket almost fit the bill, but sadly its price did not.  In fact, I like the embroideries on the Zara jacket much much more!

I hunted one down in my size (it's not currently in stores here Down Under, and don't know when/if it will be), and am so glad I did!  I find it absolutely beautiful...Oh, and it's reversible! Its simpler black and 'silvery taupe' side can be thrown over almost any outfit.

PS. Doesn't mean I have stopped day-dreaming about the 3.1 Phillip Lim bomber, (even if I found a money tree in my garden, I have only found the yellow version in a US size 2), but I almost like them on par...

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  1. Your bomber is absolutely stunning! Now that is the find of the year in my books. Happy Easter (if you celebrate).

    xx Mandi

  2. what size did you get? I could only find Mediums and was wondering if it was made in only one size?

    1. I got an M, as that's all I could find too. But I vaguely (maybe) remember seeing other sizes when I first saw it online, I might be mistaken...I did see a pic of a petite Asian blogger wearing it (when scouring the internet last night), and can't imagine that could've been an M, as it looks bigger on me than it did on her (and I'm certainly not petite). I'm not 100% sure, so I'm sorry I'm not much help!

  3. thanks for your reply! appreciate it

  4. Wow! We are channeling similar vibe. This one is so beautiful with sakura petals. I got a blue one with fish :P

    ★Romiya Fashion Inspiration Blog★

  5. This is such a beautiful jacket. I am still considering whether or not to get it (I've just checked and my size is still available online). I've so many jackets... but this one looks so special...

  6. I want one! Did you say it was from Zara! How much? This is me getting exited! (^ ^)/