Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Willow 30% discount code - 24 hours only!

Just in time! I had been going back and forwards on Willow's Classic Silk Tuck shirt ever since I first laid eyes on it.  After trying it on in stores I was torn on whether to cinch the deal or not, its beautiful simple elegance with subtle draping truly makes this classic and very wearable, but the price tag made me hit the pause the button.  When I received an email from Willow saying there'd be a 30% off code for 24 hours only, I hit 'buy' as soon as 'doors were open'.  It's still quite a bit for a blouse, especially since I just bought this Equipment silk shirt with the 20% Shopbop code, but I really hope this piece becomes a staple in my closet:

After securing this blouse I am now looking through other items on my 'wishlist':

For your 30% off, just enter Q5TFD at checkout.

Has anyone else made their Willow purchase?

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  1. Oh no... I read this post too late! I'm hoping they do another discount code. Love the items you've featured. Very classic.

    xx Mandi
    Find Me A Muse