Wednesday, October 30, 2013

David Szeto's 'In the Mood for Love' dress - Full Moon celebration

One of my favourite designers, David Szeto, was inspired by one of my favourite movies (for its fashion): 'In the Mood for Love' for his A/W 2008 collection, sharing the same title as the movie.  Needless to say, it is one of my favourite collections of his, and it is from this collection that most of my David Szeto pieces comes from.  In the movie, Maggie Cheung dons more than 20 qipao or cheongsam dresses, figure hugging, and in a plethora of prints and fabrics, they (and Maggie) steal the show.  My favourite David Szeto dress appears to be inspired by one of these dresses, and is brilliantly, beautifully and expertly cut to make it so the wearer can almost fake a Maggie Cheung slender body.  David Szeto is a genius when it comes to draping and cutting the fabric to highlight and flatter the female form...I thought it was the perfect dress to wear to my nephew's 1 month old 'full moon' celebration over the weekend.

 I lightened the pic hoping to show the detailing of the dress, but unfortunately I could not do it justice
 Dress worn on the right

 David Szeto dress, Gucci by Tom Ford heels, Celine Trio and Jimmy Fairly sunglasses
Dress worn on the left under the coat

You can buy David Szeto online at Shopbop, Barneys and Far Fetch.


  1. Such a beautiful photos!
    Thanks for vista my blog!

  2. What a gorgeous dress. In the Mood for Love is one of my favourite movies. I would love to look as great as Maggie Cheung in that movie!