Friday, December 13, 2013

No longer MIA, still alive and kicking my Chanel espadrille heels...

It has been two weeks since my last blog post, but I promise I have valid reason for my absence, for which I apologize.  Almost two weeks ago I found myself in immense pain (I am no softie, I tell you, and had both Lil' Brigs #1 and #2 sans anaesthetic).  After admission to the Emergency Department I found myself in an ambulance (my first ambulance ride!), and later on the surgery table.  Thankfully everything went well, but I did lose 2L of blood, so I have been mostly confined to bed-rest after I was discharged from the hospital.  I am slowly gaining a bit of strength, and am trying to boost my haemoglobin levels (which went down to 76, whatever that means).

Anyway, even before this all happened, I started panicking at the thought of not having purchased a single Christmas present.  Thankfully, even from the bed one can shop online *whew*

Have you done all your Christmas shopping yet?

 Takeaway coffee at the first taste of coffee and/or food in almost 2 days, it was great.
Lovely freesias and irises my SIL brought to me at the hospital (which I later brought home)
 Thank goodness for online shopping!
With the help of Lil' Brigs #1 and my mom, we baked some birthday cupcakes for Mr Brigs' bday last weekend
 Managed to buy a little something something to brighten my week, from Matches Fashion

Finally tracked down these Chanel mesh espadrilles for myself

 Today I ventured out to one of Mr Brigs' Xmas work functions, it was nice being out, but I returned utterly exhausted
 Vanilla and orange scented panacotta with blueberry compote - yum!
Felt a little 'Stepford Wife' in this Diane Von Furstenberg dress (I wore it in this post long ago - four years ago!), except I traded the pumps for Isabel Marant Dicker boots to 'dress it down' somewhat...
 all pics via my iPhone

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Happy weekend everyone!


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  1. oh no, I wish you a healthy recovery. those black on black chanel shoes look cool.
    I finalized the last of my holiday gifts just today...i bought my original 2 early in november the ones and then unexpected departures had me buying gifts for those people. longchamp pliage bags for my co-workers, watch for my departing boss so she remembers her "time" with us ;P, a walmart gift card for a friend with a fastly growing 14 month y/o (not "glamorous" but she has a lot of toys and clothes from her bday in oct. and they need practical stuff), and a last minute gag gift of cracker jacks for another departing co-worker.

    1. Such great practical gifts! Would love to be your co-worker! ;)

      Thanks for the well wishes!

  2. So sorry to hear about your medical woes and dash to the hospital! Really hoping you are starting to feel better and have a speedy recovery. It looks like you are in some seriously cabable hands with Lil 1 and Lil 2 to look after you. I'm all done with the Xmas shopping. Phew! I did the same as you though. Online shopping since I just can't handle the caos in the streets around the stores at this time of year. We are doing a really simple Xmas though and haven't gone overboard with gifts which really feels nice actually. Get well soon

    x Mandi

    1. Ah, lucky you, all done with Xmas shopping! I'm almost done, so can't complain :)

      Thanks for your sweet words Mandi!