Friday, March 7, 2014

Zara Spring 2014 Lookbook - L O V E !

Oh my! The Zara Spring 2014 lookbook looks like a marriage between Celine and Chloe, and I have several of the items below in my 'shopping cart', with some items selling out already, doh!

Have you guys bought anything from their lookbook? Or seen any of these in real life? I know it's one thing seeing it beautifully styled here, and another when seeing it on a rack in store, which is why I find online shopping so much more appealing, haha (plus I never find what I want in store, and can't keep checking in to see if new stock has arrived), wished we had an online store in Australia!

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  1. I've seen some stuff in person, but my experience w/ Zara in the last few years is the sizing is terrible. I'm tempted by that tweed jacket, but I know the reality is it will likely run huge. Not to mention the sleeve length differs in every picture. There is a blue sweater I have my eyes on though.