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What I wore on Day 3 of MBFWA: Ellery 'Wendy' dress via Glamcorner, Chanel Boy bag and Isabel Marant Betty sneakers

Sorry for the long break once again, it has been a crazy and wonderful few weeks with both Lil' Brigs 1 & 2's birthday, as well as an early birthday celebration for my mom, while my sister and nephew were visiting from Sydney.  I hope to share some pics of the parties, but before I do so, I thought it is better 'late than never', to share about the outfit I wore on Day 3 of MBFWA.

While in hospital last December, Glamcorner sent me an email kindly offering me their Online Dress Hire services to me. They soon realized I was actually in hospital and apologized for the bad timing, but I welcomed the distraction.  I had heard of designer bags for hire (even if I hadn't, Sex and the City put 'Bag borrow or steal' out there for everyone to see), but not dresses for hire.  I filed it in my 'to think about later when I'm better' box, but the madness of family coming over for Christmas, and the Christmas holiday itself, quashed all thoughts aside.

But what a brilliant thing to have.  How often have we shelled out a mini-fortune on a dress that often  only gets worn once (or in my case, not at all)? That plus the cost of dry-cleaning makes a 'special occasion' dress quite an expensive exercise. 

I often have friends and family asking me to help them find a nice dress for a certain occasion, be it a wedding, a birthday party, or even a special dinner.  I don't usually have this conundrum, most people need a dress for an occasion, whereas I need an occasion to wear my dresses, haha!  I didn't think I would really need a 'dress hire service'.

That was, until I started packing for my trip to Sydney to celebrate New Year's Eve with my sisters.  I considered taking Glamcorner up on their offer, but then realized it was too short notice (although I now know they are so fast I would've made it after all).  The next opportunity arose when I realized that my lack of physical activity (due to bedrest and so forth) led to a little weight gain, which meant the dress I had in mind to wear to a milestone birthday party in February no longer fit. Once again, I realized this a little late, the day before the party.  Finally, as I was packing for Sydney and Australian Fashion Week, I had all my outfits packed, but thought I wanted another option, but my suitcase was already jam-packed.  I had an 'aha' moment and remembered Glamcorner once again.

There were many designers to choose from, from Alex Perry to Aurelio Costarella, Jayson Brundson, Lover, Ellery and even Badgley Mishka (you know, for your next red carpet event). When browsing online through their dresses I immediately was drawn to Australian designer Ellery's dresses, and this gorgeous Wendy dress in particular, something I'd love to have in my wardrobe but that I wouldn't get many chances to wear.  I forgot to photograph the 'funky' white back' of the dress, which is why I wore it with the white sneakers I had already packed for Sydney.  I loved the lantern skirt (not shown to its full advantage in my pics), and the beautiful print on the fabric. 

Daisy from Glamcorner was so incredibly helpful to get the dress to me on time (especially with a difficult schedule that week), and as with their 'try on service',  sent me both size 8 and 10 (I wasn't sure what size I was, and thought I'd err on the side of caution, but the 8 fit me like a dream).  A courier delivered this gorgeous box bright and early (as I requested), in what looked like a glamorous glossy pizza box!  Ok, probably nothing like a pizza box, and it felt so glam opening it up to reveal the gorgeous Ellery dress inside.  With the dress came all the instructions on how to return it (which was a breeze, with a self-addressed satchel included), which made everything so lovely and straightforward.  The hardest part was parting with this gorgeous dress!

 Pizza delivery?  A courier delivered the dress early in the morning as I requested (that week was pretty tight schedule-wise), and it arrived in a gorgeous large box, complete with a bow.
 Beautifully and carefully packaged, I seriously felt like a movie star pulling this dress out of the box...

Such a gorgeous print and silk fabric!
 At Sydney's Carriageworks for the Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week Australia - with my favourite Dries Van Noten necklace
Isabel Marant Betty sneakers and Chanel Boy bag

Thank you so much Daisy and Glamcorner!  I will definitely be recommending you to my friends next time they ask me for help in finding a dress for an occasion!



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