Tuesday, June 3, 2014

New in: COS - Collection of Style (stripes x 3) - and discount code

After posting my picture on Instagram, I just found out COS is opening in Australia in Septemer!!! Sadly only Melbourne so far... But only recently did they open an online store in the US, so I pounced on the opportunity to actually click 'buy' on my computer.  So many times I 'window online shopped' on their European store, with hundreds, nay thousands, of dollars worth of items in my imaginary shopping cart.  Funnily, when I actually went to Europe and went into their London and Paris stores various times, I always walked out empty-handed, a little overwhelmed.  It seems I am better at shopping online than in stores! I think it's because online you can browse by category, type in the search box 'striped', see what it looks like on a mannequin, much faster than you can browse a whole store, walk in to the changerooms with an armful of clothes, and try it on...

For so long I have been a fan of their minimal style, and their many many striped tops

So this is what arrived in the mail:

L-R: Cotton/Wool striped top, Long silk blazer (the main reason why I put the order through was to get this, major love), wrap metal ring (wore this today), Textured Striped dress (pictured below as well), Striped tee, and Flared Cotton Dress (reminded me of Raf Simons work for Dior)
pic via iPhone/Instagram.

Oh, and I used the code: HELLOAMERICA to get 25% off! I think it runs until the end of June, with free shipping within the US (I had to use a mail forwarder as they don't ship internationally).

Already building my wishlist up again...

This can get dangerous!


  1. just what I needed, another online shop for my money to disappear to ;P
    it'll be interesting to look through though, the euro-based sites I read always say good things about cos.

  2. Great minds.... I also own that black dress (bought it in Poland recently) :)
    I bought it after my mum got me a similar one in Navy last year during her travels.
    I love wearing both - so simple yet stunning. I always get a compliment when I wear them.

    I'm trying hard to using the code and need to keep reminding myself that I bought a load of COS in my travels.
    Also having tried many things on across the years, I find their sizing slightly inconsistent which puts me off (ever so slightly) from shopping their online store.

  3. Literally the BEST stripy tops cheaper than GAP and so much more well fitting. Love COS clothing.

  4. OMG! I hadn't heard this yet! I'm so excited because I am always checking out COS items but find them difficult to find or buy online. Thanks for sharing the brilliant news!

    Mandi / www.findmeamuse.com