Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Madewell - a cartful for a pennie

Oops, I drafted this post a few days ago, only to find out the discount code I wanted to share with you has expired! Boo hoo, because I was about to place a second order!  Well, this is what I managed to nab before the code expired (bar the 'Paris' tee, which was one of the many items in my 'shopping bag' for my 'Madewell Shopping Spree' take 2 - doh!).

I have never bought from Madewell before (and it's such a shame they don't ship directly to Australia), so I can't wait to see how these items look in real life.  I went a little crazy with one sweater, buying it in three colourways, but I really loved its casual elegance and simplicity:
 Vacay sweater
 Ex-boyfriend Perfect Chambray Shirt in Ferrous Watch - as though 2 chambray shirts wasn't enough already...
 How cute is this?

pics via Madewell's pinterest and website.

Are you a fan of Madewell? Have you purchased anything during the sales? Or any favourite pieces you might have from them?

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  1. I love Madewell - pretty good quality actually! Scored a dress from shopbop for $37 a couple of months ago & already worn it heaps!!

  2. Just buy some JCrew and be done with it. Samesame.