Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Design and win 52 pairs of shoes with Shoes of Prey!

When Shoes of Prey offered me the chance to design my own pair of shoes, I couldn't resist saying 'yes'. 1001 ideas flooded, and I was excited with all the different shoe styles and material options on offer.  Shoes of Prey have so many different styles, and on top of that there are extras you can add, like straps, lace overlay, bows, or piping trims, to name a few.  First I thought of designing my long-sought-after pair of patent black oxford shoes, then thought perhaps instead a nice bootie...but then I had a light bulb moment. 

For months I have been on the lookout for the perfect bridesmaid shoe for my sister's wedding later this year.  Our bridesmaid dress itself is quite a statement, so even though I had fanciful ideas, I ended up keeping it simple, although I couldn't resist adding a cheeky bow in red leather at the back; both my sister and I have a thing for bows, so it was impossible not to add one!  My sister (fellow bridesmaid, not the bride), had the opportunity to go into the Sydney store with the bridesmaid in tow, so we were select the best colour to match the dress.  With 5 stores in the USA and one in Sydney, Shoes of Prey also have ready made shoes available for immediate purchase (as well as several styles online, if you prefer leaving the designing of the shoe to them).

To top it all off, Shoes Of Prey gives you the option to add your own inscription on the insole of the shoe! So it could be your name, nickname, or even a quote...After discussing it with my fellow bridesmaids, we decided on a Dr Seuss quote: "Oh, the places you'll go".

It was a very easy process choosing the style and materials for each section of the shoe, the only hard part is being spoilt for choice.  Now that my shoes have arrived I can't wait to design another pair.

So, whether you would like to design a pair of shoes for a special occasion, or just one for everyday wear, Shoes Of Prey are currently running a competition to win 52 pairs of shoes of your own design!  That's one pair for each of week of the year (yes please!).  You can enter their competition here.  Wishing you all the best of luck!

What would be your ultimate shoe?

Mixing it up just for fun
I love this patterned leather, and love me a nice pair of D'Orsay pumps
Lace oxfords?!? Whatcha think
Shoes of Prey also collaborated with Australian Designer Carla Zampatti, and I toyed with the idea of designing this shoe...but practicality dictated I choose a lower heel option.  The brilliant idea behind designing the bridesmaid shoes myself means that I can select three different heel heights for us bridesmaids (the other two bridesmaids have already requested lower heels, especially since one will be heavily pregnant by then). How brilliant is that?
Oh, the places you'll go...
I love red bows and I cannot  lie...
All images by me

(the four first beingcomputer screenshots of me playing around with designing some shoes)

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