Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Qlippie wearable clippable dressable HD camera (try saying that 5 times fast!)

Have you ever wished for a lightweight compact and easily portable camera that allows you to keep your hands free?  I certainly have, like during a recent amazing bicycle ride along a breathtaking scenic route, or attending my daughter's school performance and trying to juggle a video camera on one hand and DSLR in the other (true story), or like today, when I went on my first ever helicopter ride!

Cue Qlippie, the new clippable livestream HD camera, which boasts a wide angle Sony CMOS-R lens and a variety of customizing 'skins'.  With 12 skins to choose from you can pick and choose a skin to go with your mood or outfit, while its clip makes it completely hands-free and ready for any adventure. No mounts or tripods required, the wide angle Sony CMOS-R lens makes it easy to capture all of life's greatest moments in high definition. Qlippie's free app shows you a live feed of what your camera sees, which makes capturing your photo, video, slow motion, and live-streaming easy peasy. The content is stored on the device, where you it can also be edited (on the app).

Compact in size at 48 x 19.6mm body size and 45g body weight, it still boasts an internal memory of a whopping 32gb, taking 8MP stills or 1080p videos, proving good things do indeed come in small packaging! You can clip it on your clothes, strap of your bag, hat, bicycle basket (or helmet), so many possibilities! You can read Qlippie's full specs here.

My current favourite skin is the minimal b&w 'grid', which is what I chose for today,

all images by me

Check out Qlippie for yourself here, and if interested, you can get one at the special early bird price through their Indiegogo--the promotion won't last for long (run, don't walk!).

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