Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Drape me up, drape me down

Rachel Roy Layla dress
Sportsgirl silk chiffon embroidered shrug
Dior Extreme Pythons in Brown heels (will have to post better pictures of these shoes, they deserve a post on their own!)

PS. I warned you I'm not at all photogenic! Please excuse the horrible hair, it was in a messy bun which fell apart seconds before the picture was taken.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I simply adore draped pieces, and have done so for as long as I can remember. I love how the fabric drapes and flows with your body, exuding effortless glamour; and especially the fact that one needn't be tall nor slim to carry it off (I am neither), flattering any shape or size.


  1. that is one fantastic looking drape dress. What a colour. You look fab.

    It's an honour to be linked. Thank you.
    You are a smart cookie then aren't you? It seems you also have a fab taste.. I can see that in your posts.

    Good to meet you. :)

  2. GORGEOUS brig. that dress looks perfect on you! stunning photo, you are far from being un-photogenic =)

    xx belladonna a.

  3. wow you look gorgeous!! that dress is magnificent!

  4. ooh me too! I am dying to get my hands on the perfect 'toga' style dress this spring!
    I have a post on my blog with some pics...

  5. Un-photogenic? Liar!
    You look amazing and that dress is to die for! It's draped in such an unusual way so it really stands out. Mmm also loving your shrug. I want to buy half the things in Sportsgirl this summer - particularly their blouses.

  6. Aw, thanks everyone! You are all too kind :)

    Tanya, I still maintain that I'm un-photogenic (and not just being humble or fishing for compliments either). I haven't shopped in Sportsgirl in ages! I bought that shrug almost 4 years ago, I think....

  7. That dress is stunning and I adore the shoes you paired with it!
    P.S. Thank you so much for the tips--I will be checking those labels out.

  8. I take my own pictures using a self-timer. At home I use my tripod and when out and about I tend to just balance it on random items which I think gives interesting perspectives.
    My camera is a Canon Powershot SD 1000 and I also edit the pictures a bit on my computer.

  9. That is an excellent bit of draping there!

  10. you look fantastic!
    about susie´s coat, for sure, so much better than the model at the catwalk!

    a kiss for you
    what a great blog!
    let´s keep in touch!

    see you,

  11. the dress and the shrug are beautiful.
    absolutely elegant

  12. nonsense
    you look awesome and draped dressed rule.

  13. Stunning! The draping looks exquisite on your figure, it's a beautiful dress.

    As for the Dior!

  14. Aww...thanks everyone for your lovely comments!