Saturday, September 27, 2008

Recent Dries Van Noten outfits

Dries Van Noten has been my favourite designer for as long as I can remember.  His clothes speak of a timeless beauty, and evokes emotion in every piece, at least to me.  I find his pieces to be effortless and beautiful, even in the simplest piece, be it the cut or the fabric, he shows such attention to detail, and favours gorgeous prints & fabrics (often ethnic), colours, and layerings.  Stepping into his store in Paris transports you into an era gone-by, yet current, reflecting his designs.  It is the most beautiful store I have ever set foot in, so gorgeous with clothes displayed in an old bookstore full of character.  Dries Van Noten, how I love thee!  

Dress: Dries Van Noten beaded & sequined shirtdress
Jacket: Navy silk chiffon Claude Maus hoodie 
Shoes: Marni patent wedges

(click to view close up of the beading & sequencing)

(click to enlarge - isn't the hippo stool cute?)
Top: Silk Dries Van Noten top (for better runway pic click here) 
Shorts: Draped Garcons Comme Boy (don't think it's an actual brand, found this on ebay, and couldn't resist the draping on these shorts)
Shoes: Dior Extreme Pythons

Dress: Dries Van Noten floral dress
Shoes: Dior Extreme Pythons (was struggling to keep 'afloat' on the mulch)

Thought I'd include a better picture of the dress, as mine didn't do it justice


  1. i love dries van noten too! cool clothes

  2. Great outfits! I love your style!

  3. i love dries van noten, too !!!
    his clothes are so poetic ...
    you make me want to visit his boutique. i read he wanted it to look like home, not like a boutique.

  4. Oh, you definitely should! It's just so gorgeous, it was truly surreal. It's a shame I couldn't (or didn't dare) take any pictures inside. If I lived in Paris, I would go in at least once a week :)

  5. hi i just saw u asked about that jacket on thefacehunter blog.
    The guy who is wearing it is Romain Brau he just graduated from Antwerp Fashion academy and he's wearing a jacket from hiy classmate Antonin Tron.
    here's a link to the collection
    you can see the jacket there.

    thought u might wanna know cheers

  6. What a nice dresssssss!

    see you !

  7. Lindo o vestidinho do primeiro look!A sandalia marrom do segundo look è um luxoooo!

  8. The shop in Paris sounds amazing, when I go I'll have to visit.

  9. Muito obrigada Nayra! (que nome lindo!) Vejo que voce e uma estilista na Italia (Roma)? Se for, estou morrendo de inveja! Que tipo de curso/trabalho voce teve que fazer para ser uma estilista? Estou pensando (daydreaming) em fazer um curso ano que vem em 'Fashion Styling' e trocar de carreira (eu era uma advogada, agora fasso pesquisa medica, mas tenho uma paixao por moda).

    PS. Voce e Brasileira/Portuguesa ou Italiana? :)

  10. oh you own so many lovely dvn pieces! im so jealous! you wear dvn so well. i cant believe youd be willing to stand on mulch while wearing those diors. haha if i owned them id guard them with my life!

    ps.those marni shoes are divine. any chance of getting closeup shots of your bucked dvn's that made an appearance a little while ago?

  11. Love those Marni plats, great outfit ;>

  12. the white beaded dress is absolutely beautiful