Friday, September 12, 2008

East meets West with Dries Van Noten

I apologise for the terribly botched up polyvore picture (as you can probably tell, it's my first go, and I have yet to learn how to use it).  I was trying to hide the fact that my picture itself is pretty bad.  I hope I can 'upgrade' this photo soon.

I LOVE these Dries Van Noten shoes!  Dries Van Noten is one of my favourite designers, for both his amazing clothes AND shoes, but that's another post altogether, as is my love for kimonos.

Outfit: Vintage silk Haori Kimono, Burberry patent quilted belt, DVN shoes.

Dries Van Noten SS07

Close-up photo of the Dries Van Noten shoes


  1. hi Brigadeiro
    im new to your blog and im quite enjoying your views on fashion :)
    i love that you suppport aussie labels, particularly those as wonderful as akira! im guessing youre an aussie as well? im a sydney-sider. just a couple of things i wanted to ask:

    i love these DVN shoes and was wondering if we could have some more close up pics of the shoes?

    also a request with one of your previous posts, would you be able to post pics of your recent purchases, esp that chloe pom pom dress? coz id love to see how it looks off the runway.

    lastly is there any chance of seeing any wedding pics? i would love to see a dress as magnificent as that akira in action.

    ps. where did you buy your DVN's from? were they purchased locally in aus or overseas?
    phew! sorry for all the excessive questioning, but im so excited by all the wonderful things on you blog!

  2. Thanks Tanya! I'm so flattered by your questions/comments! ;)

    I'll try to answer what I can first:

    DVN shoes: purchased overseas. 99% of my shopping is done overseas/online. I WISH I lived in Sydney! I LOVE the shopping there, my favourite shops: Poepke (stocks DVN), Akira, Orson & Blake, The Corner Shop, etc..Where I live there's practically NO shopping! (except for maybe one or two stores, boo hoo! I probably buy stuff in stores 1-2 times a year max). I will try to take more shots of the shoes for you.

    Yep, I'm now in Australia: was born in London, moved to Brazil when I was one, grew up there, lived one year in LA (USA), 2 years in Cambridge (UK), now here. Absolutely LOVE Akira! Also love Jayson Brundson, Toni Maticevski, and Willow.

    Will try to update with more purchases pics & wedding pics ;) Am quite picture-shy and so NOT photogenic!


  3. i used to shop on a weekly basis but now im trying to save money (for a trip to sweden!) so ive not been to the corner shop in a while but tis definitely one of my faves. by the sound of your favourite clothing brands it sounds like you prefer garments that are exceptionally crafted with a focus on the construction and silhouette. these are the kinds of details that i adore in clothing and im glad you seem to think the same way!

    argh why on earth did you choose to move to australia after living in london? i was there for a while 2 years ago and i absolutely loved it. if i could live anywhere in the world, london would be it. not that australia's all that bad, it's just so far away from everything!

    i find that most capital cities in australia have quite good shopping so im quite surprised to hear that you only visit stores only a few times a week. whereabouts in aus are you based?

    i wont hear another word of this nonsense about you being not photogenic. im sure youre beautiful both inside and out and i looking forward to seeing all future pics of your lovely clothes!

  4. Aw, you are too sweet. But it is true (I'm not just being 'humble'), my 2 sisters photograph beautifully and are not camera-shy, whereas I feel totally awkward in front of the camera, and hence don't photograph as well. They (my sisters) live in London (shopping heaven), which makes me insanely jealous (I live in Adelaide). I often ask them to buy clothes/shoes for me and send them over, shopping in Adelaide is quite pitiful.

    Ooh! Sweden! The closest I've been to it is Denmark, I here Sweden's amazing! I'm also supposed to be saving up for my Argentina/Brazil trip in December (can't wait! Also have NOT saved a penny as yet, oops!)

    The reason for my move from Brazil (via UK) to Australia is mainly due to the fact that my mother's family (parents, brothers & sisters) live here. My parents still live in Brazil though.

    Gee, that's one long post! :)

  5. I LOVE the shoes, they're gorgeous
    but then again you know that already!

  6. Thanks Dana! I absolutely love how you made cuffs for your Birkenstocks! Brilliant idea!

  7. I looooove the way you styled those dries! jusdging from your travels, your life sounds fascinating: do you work in fashion? great blog!

  8. Oh wow! Thanks Jane! I'm so flattered, especially since yours is my favourite blog!

    To answer your question: I wish I worked in fashion! Sadly, I do not, instead I'm currently in Medical Research (although I used to be a lawyer). I'm toying with the idea of studying something fashion-related next year (more daydreaming than anything), as (to put it mildly), I'm obsessed with it (aren't we all?) :)

  9. Aren't kimonos amazing H? :) I'd love to collect them, and if my house were large enough, I'd love to hang a Furisode on the wall (Wedding Kimono). I'll have to take a clearer picture of this kimono, that's one horrible picture!