Friday, August 5, 2011

Ah, Giovanna Pt 7 - Paris Couture 2011 Fashion Week

As always, one of the best part of Fashion Week(s) is seeing what is being worn on the 'streets'. I thought I'd start by looking at my favourite:

Ah, Giovanna can make even a polka-dot jumpsuit look effortless...

The outfit below was worn at the Fall 2011 Fashion Week, but I must have missed it for my previous post:
Outside the Valentino Haute Couture show, wearing a dress that is simply stunning:

This amazing skirt livens any black outfit, love the colours and patterns!

Love these sandals!

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  1. I love that first outfit! I so want that jumpsuit now even though I know on me it would look fugly. That clutch is amazing too.

  2. The last pic of the shoes - those are gorgeous!

    thanks for sharing

  3. ADOREI seu blog, muito legal, cheio de imagens inspiradoras e vc super estilosa! parabéns, virei seguidora =)

    visite o meu tbm, vc vai gostar!


  4. Thanks for posting the pics of Gio - she is one of my style idols! She can make anything look FAB!!

    xo, sam