Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Haute Couture Fall 2011 Pt 2: Christian Dior & Chanel

Christian Dior

Architectural, crazy, colourful and fun...Bill Gaytten seems to have had a ball with his chance at designing Dior's Couture collection, with John Galliano's unfortunate fall from grace:


Peplum's back!

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  1. I like the silhouettes @ Chanel, but

  2. Pret a Porter - I'm with you! From Dior what I 'took away' were the colours and the multilayering and pleating of the fabrics. I liked the silhouettes of my heavily edited picks above at Chanel, but must admit a lot of the other pieces didn't appeal to me, although perhaps seeing them up closer and in real life could change that. :)

  3. PS. I found the detailing in some pieces at Dior fun the blush-coloured skirt with half-moon perspex disks, and the multilayered top with it. Not for me to wear, but just look at...

  4. Both collections fabulous...Chanel=chic and classic. And as for Dior...after seeing this collection I absoloutly love the new designer, all of those fabrics and textures are so fun and playful!

    *following your blog - would love for you to follow mine*

    Eda ♥