Monday, August 29, 2011

Three years of Brigadeiro - It's about time for an outfit post, don't ya think?

Can you believe I started this blog 3 years ago? How time flies! And how things have changed! I would like to thank the few readers that are still reading my blog, that were there in the beginning. You have traveled with me to Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Singapore, Melbourne and Sydney...You have seen my waistline grow (and the food responsible for it), and hopefully you will see it go back down, haha! You have seen me fill my wardrobe, and then attempt to whittle it down somewhat. You have seen me tackle harem pants, maternity style, le muu muu, vintage Indian wedding skirt and so many in between. You have seen Lil J (aka Brigadeirozinha) and how she has kept me busy, which is why this poor blog has 'suffered' for over a year.

And apologies to all the readers:

Anonymous said...
"please give us some new pics of you. you always post tons of photos. its a pitty, please make your blog worth coming back again".
I promise I will try my best...

This is an outfit that I have worn quite a few times in the last few months, and here are a few reasons why I love it:

1. The epaulettes on the Dries Van Noten dress (wish it looked as good on me as it does on the model).
2. The drape on this aforementioned dress (which sadly did not photograph well).
3. The drape and cut of this dress allowed me to wear it on the night I headed to the hospital to deliver Lil J, yes, 10 months pregnant.
4. Although I don't get to wear them that often, I absolutely love these Burberry Prorsum boots.
5. I don't care what 'they' say, I love navy with black.
6. I try to rotate my sunglasses, but these Tiffany & Co. aviators are my favourite.
6. Love my Benah Kodi cuff (I have it in tan too)
7. And of course, my Chanel reissue bag:

The lighting was so interesting on this photo, I had to keep it even though it's blurry...

A BIG BIG thank you to all you Brigadeiro readers!!!



  1. Hey Brig! It was great bumping into you on Saturday arvo at Rockfords! Fab outfit as usual; love the Chanel Reissue bag! It's a great alternative to the push bling ;)

  2. C, gostei muito deste post. Vc ta linda e o seu estilo ainda ta muito afiado mesmo! :)

    Looking forward to seeing more outfit pics.


  3. You're crazy! I've said it before I'll say it again, DVN does not look good on the runway. It looks better on YOU! That dress is beautiful on you. And the Tiffany aviators are perfect on you. Cool bracelet too.

    -ps. I'd love to see the Kris Van Assche blazer in action. :)

  4. anonymous/cewek/meta - Ditto! Did you get any wines? Did I tell you about the fabulous lunch we had just had at FermentAsia? Thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it ;) Especially the beef cheeks and lime brulee *drool*

    Brasilian_Babe - Muito obrigada M! Acho tao dificil tirar fotos de mim mesma, pois sou acanhada demais pra pedir alguem (incluindo Mr Brigs) pra tirar minha foto, e com self-timer dificil tambem :) Te desejando tudo de bom nas proximas 3 semanas e mais ;) Bjs!

    Pret a Porter - Aw, thanks! Once again you are too kind H! ;) Ah, extra incentive to wear the Kris Van Assche blazer again. Will try to do so ;)


  5. Congratulations!!! Three years really is a lot of time! This i a really great outfit! I've been in love with these boots ever since I saw them for the first time!


  6. Ohhhh I've missed your outfit posts so! I hope this is just a sample of what's to come ;)

    I love navy with black toooooo, and this outfit is one example of why - looking smashing :)

  7. Oh yay!! I missed seeing your outfit posts too (but I figured you would start when you felt ready)!!

    You look fabulous!! I've always loved all your outfit pairings! You're the one who inspired me to get harem pants and the Dior extremes! And I found the DVN striped heels at a resale shop! And how can we forget that yellow Willow dress - it's one of my faves! I could go on and on! ...Glad to see you're back!

    xo, sam

  8. So nice to see you doing what you do best, looking elegant, fashionable and original:) Happy Three Years Brigadeiro!

  9. Absolutetly stunning! You've got such great style!!


  10. Beautiful dress and heels! YOu look amazing xx

  11. Yep we got a case of the Alicante Bouchet - summer drinking all sorted! Our friends got a case of the same and also the Cab Sav.
    No you didn't! Where is FermentAsia?

  12. Wow congrats on 3 years. Such a great accomplishment!


    Britt + Whit

  13. oooh those boots are killer! love the way they slouch


  14. Thanks for the sweet comments everyone!

    cewek - it's in Tanunda.


  15. Love the boots, it's great to see pictures of you again !

  16. Les chaussures sont chouettes:)

    Angela Donava

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  18. that dress is gorgeous on you! i can't imagine it looking better on the model. i really love those boots as well.

  19. im loving that dress on you lovely look

  20. I LOVE everything about this look! You look gorgeous!!!

  21. Lovely to see your face again! Welcome back!


  22. Time really flies doesnt it?! I have just been blogging for 5 months but they went by so so quickly!

    I am loving the boots. I have a pair of burberry shoes as well but I dont find them the most comfortable in the world. How are these?!


  23. Love the boots!xx

  24. I think you look a thousand times better in the dress than the model.... I think you the dress needs boobies to fill it out and give it shape (as yours do nicely, without being weird about it!). I can see why it is a favourite.


  25. Wow, I love everything about this - the shade of your dress, the Burberry boots - perfect!

    see creatures

  26. happy blog anniversary! I love the dries dress on you - it's amazing especially with the boots!

  27. Great outfit! I love, love, love the boots!
    - K



  28. Congrats on 3 years of blogging! I love your blog. Definitely miss your outfit posts. Love the dress & bag & boots :)