Friday, August 12, 2011

Paris Couture Fall 2011 Street Style: The Pants have IT!

Proving once again that pants can be as glamorous as long skirts or dresses, or a great foundation for a casual elegant outfit, it was the choice of many fashionistas at the Couture Fall 2011 shows:

Confirming these are indeed pants and not a long skirt (I wasn't sure at first)

Sorry to include so many photos of Natuka Karkashadze, I know this post is about pants, but her blouse (by her own design) is just too stunning...LOVE the shoulder cutout, the pearl embellishment and the colour...i.e. everything about it!

Cobalt blue, so fresh...

Love how the blouse is tucked in such a nonchalant manner...

Pant suit = classic
and this one is such a relaxed and fresh example

Love the colour of the pants and bag!

And of course, the 'humble' denim smartened up by a well-cut shirt and heels...

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

What are you all doing?

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It's my birthday this Sunday, wonder what the Mr. has planned...


PS. Most photos above are from, and Street Style Aesthetics


  1. wow wow wow, Natuka's outfit is amazing, I especially love her blouse! such a great design :) Oh and happy early birthday, enjoy your weekend!!

  2. They look incredible!


  3. Amazing POST!! love whats going on here! i will follow u pls follow me 2!!

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  4. These pants are to perfect! And that first top has me completely obsessed!

  5. One day I hope I can find/afford pants that look as good as me as the ones in your post do on their respective wearers!

  6. ahhh Brig i love this post! but can i ask which blogs you got these photos from? sorry i just get very pedantic when people dont post photo credits, especially since i wanna know where the natuka photos come from!

  7. tanya - I'm so sorry about that! I'm not very diligent with crediting my street style posts (bad, I know), it is usually because I've saved the photos as I've seen them (for my own reference), and when I go to post them I don't remember where they're from. The Natuka pictures I mostly found by typing in 'Natuka' on Google Images...sorry again!

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    love it

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