Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dries Van Noten and James Reeve -' Lightscapes' (Spring/Summer 2012 collection)

Dries was president of the fashion jury at the 2010 Hyères festival, which is where he discovered photographer James Reeve and his work on “Lightscapes,” which captures city lights on a pitch black canvas, transforming the colourful lights into abstract shapes and forms.

“In the autumn/winter 2011 collection, I used a patchwork of different fashion prints, and for spring/summer 2012 I wanted to use prints that are not created to be printed on fabric, hence the 18th century etchings, technical drawings of butterfly wings. In my memory, I thought of James Reeve’s beautiful photographs so I thought it’d be good to contact him and see if we could collaborate,” he says.

The result includes jet black silk and cotton separates printed with colourful lightscapes from Marseilles to Las Vegas. The positioning of each print is carefully thought-out, so dots of lights on a fish-tail ruffle skirt turn into flashing lights when the skirt moves, while tops are embellished with Swarovski crystals to mirror the original prints.

“I don’t want women to wear these clothes and look like “sandwich men” wearing a photograph or a piece of art. They have to become attractive garments, therefore the way we place the stones on the garment makes them jewels, but at the same time, they are also the lights of a bridge or a fisherman boat,” he says.


Here are some pictures from Dries x Reeve 's exhibition in Hong Kong:

Polaroid snaps taken by Dries Van Noten during his time in Hong Kong, which he carried in his ethnic bag, worn with a blazer and smart pants (love his 'aesthetic')! and


  1. Beautiful pictures, indeed. When fashion meets art - and when fashion turns into art. I'm a fan of Dries van Noten since - (wow, since 12 years now) and found my first pair of shoes (purchased in 2000) of him two weeks ago. The most amazing about the Antwerp pack is that their designs are beyond time. It's art in a way. The pair of heels look like they could come from the current collection. Hong Kong is a great place to be. Posted some pictures, too and will add some more later this week.

  2. modediktat - I totally agree! And Dries is always pushing himself, exploring different techniques (the link on the Joyce website has a really interesting video/interview with him), and mixing art with fashion. I've been a long-time fan of Dries too! :) I'd love to see a pic of your shoes! ;) My 'earliest' shoes of his are from 2003, I think...but my first DVN piece shown in 1999 (from his SS'2000 collection - so also 12 years ago!). LOVE his work!!! :)


  3. Aww :) When I read you did a DVN post I had immediately to take a look.
    I remember how much you love his designs. Thanks for giving all the background of the SS12 collection.
    Did you see the black dress with all the laces? So in love with it although it´s not a part of the "James Reeve" collection.. I guess :)

    Wanted to drop you another personal line to say a hug thanks because of peut-etre. You are so right, all the pictures are beyond beauty!!!!

  4. Hahha.. just read the "please prove you are not a robot" :)))

  5. Oi Brigadeiro, I just saw your magazine on The Little Fashion Treasury blog and I thought it was fantastic, how can I get/buy one?

  6. Hi Moda - thanks!

    You can order the magazine directly from Peut-Etre's website:

    Unless you live in Paris, in which case, this the current list of stockists:

    We are hoping to expand this list (hopefully worldwide), but I will keep everyone posted ;)

    I will send you an email in case you don't see this.


  7. PS. Both Issue 3 and Issue 2 are available to order online.

  8. These are beautiful and so wearable (love the line about not wanting women to look like "sandwich men"!) Thank you for sharing.