Friday, February 24, 2012

Marni for H&M - Love Sofia Coppola's video/commercial!

Another designer collaboration that I am excited about (even though I don't have access to H&M, boo hoo). I really wonder what these pieces look like in real life. The fabrics are supposed to be good quality, and hand-washable silk and cottons (always a plus in my books). Sofia Coppola manages to make this collection even more covetable (how I wish I could centre it to this post!!!):

I think this Maxi dress is one of my favourite pieces...especially with that necklace!

I love the colours of the colour-blocked cobalt/mustard/aubergine dress, and also the maxi to the right.

Prices in USD (I love how they stuck to the 'Marni' online store/website interface):



  1. I like the idea of H&M and Marni are collaborating for a collection. IMO it works much better than H&M and Lanvin.
    However - "children and fools tell the truth".... I don't know one single man who said he liked Marni's designs and the "overheard in ny" comments saying it all. The most say the designs look ridiculous, especially when it comes to mix two or three of the different patterns to one outfit (less is more).
    I'm not a fan of Marni myself due to the cuts and the often used stiff fabrics - but a colorful piece here and there is just like a breathe of fresh air sometimes.

  2. I am super excited for this one, the collection is really beautiful, I didn't expect that....this is the Collaboration year!!

  3. i'm really excited about this collection, particularly those brown/black stripe leggings. i wanted them since i saw them a few fall seasons ago. great post!

  4. Am v impressed by the jewellery coming from the H&M collabs (remember the Lanvin Heart H&M acrylic necklaces?), these are great!