Monday, February 27, 2012

Petroleum Jewellery - by Anna Gram' Design Studio

I have been wanting to share about this incredible range of (more than) jewellery for quite some time:

Originally conceived for the French International Design Biennale 2008, ‘Petroleum Jewellery’, was imagined by the Anna Gram’ Design Studio (Florian Dussopt + Julie Girard) and produced by London-based jewellery designer Niza Huang.

Considered ‘black gold’, petroleum is a precious substance which literally fuels the modern world, though it also has the capacity to destroy it. ‘Petroleum Jewellery’ asks us to think about how precious this substance is and how beautiful it can be, how it needs to be preserved, so our planet is preserved for future generations. The American Petroleum Institute estimated in 1999 the world's oil supply would be depleted between 2062 and 2094 (so, as early 50 years time!).

Each piece of ‘Petroleum Jewellery’, is a breathtaking hand made sculpture, containing a droplet of petroleum magnified by mineral glass, encased inside a delicate silver or gold cocoon, each piece is an intricate composition of either 18ct gold-plated sterling silver or sterling silver, petroleum and mineral glass.

My lucky little sister has the large necklace (in the first picture below), and having seen it in real life, I am infinitely jealous, and am also eyeing the bangle and ring...aren't they all absolutely beautiful (as well as intriguing)?

Designed by ANNA GRAM’ [ florian dussopt + julie girard ] and Niza Huang
Produced by NIZA HUANG
Made in London

This 'Petroleum Jewellery' is available at:
and will soon be available on (which I absolutely love)

Anna Gram' also boast some other incredible designs, but I'll save them for a future post...

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  1. :D Happy you made your way to FB! Just visit my side, there is a little surprise on the left side bar ;)
    I understand your verve for this line and the designer. Very unusual and from a fascinating beauty. I'm very reduced in wearing jewelry, actually I chose a simple white gold necklace by Jennifer Meyer most of the time and my wedding ring, that's it. But this piece is definitely worth to think about enlarge the collection :)

  2. Wow,Great designs studio for the jewelery.It look so different and traditional.This kind of traditional art creation in the jewelery is really very simple and artificial.

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