Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Father's Day Lunch - my black Chloe Susanna studded boots' first outing

It was a glorious sunny Sunday this weekend, perfect to celebrate Mr Brigs' first Father's Day as a father of two! We started by heading to our favourite beach, where Lil J#1 got to use her ice cream sand bucket for the first time (I couldn't resist buying it, it came with two ice cream cones, two ice cream scoops and a 'sprinkle' cute is that? I bought it Alex and Alexa, one of my favourite online stores for babies/kids fashion/stuff), Lil J#2 went to the beach for the first time, and we all later headed to a fabulous lunch near the wineries at a friend's restaurant (one of our favourite places to go, lovely food, vibe, staff, garden, everything!)

The 'tie' Mr Brigs wore today, made by Lil J #1

I had the 28 day dry aged sirloin with truffled field mushrooms and fondant potatoes, and Mr Brigs had the rabbit and foie gras pithivier with a swede, turnip and carrot gratin...shame it took me 2 hours or so to finish my dish, in between caring for both Lil J 1 & 2!

Lil J got to run around in between courses...

The paella filled calamari served with chorizo, shaved fennel, and dill pollen on squid aioli was bee-yoo-ti-ful!

Took about 100 pics that day, and this is the only one of me...I s'pose it was Father's day after all...I wore my Chloe Susanna studded boots (yes! I finally got them, woo hoo! You can find them here and here, or in the silver studded version here), Current Elliott Boyfriend Jeans in Super Loved and Country Road ivory silk blouse.

All Mr Brigs wanted for Father's Day were some tracksuit pants to wear as pj's and/or around the house, but in addition to some Bonds 'trackies' I got him these Alexander McQueen spazzalato shoes I caught him eyeing a while ago, taking advantage of the free shipping code* currently being offered at Matches (it was quite a bit cheaper there than from the official Mcqueen store Mr Brigs was browsing). For some reason I thought them to be a bit 'fancier' than Mr Brigs style, and he's never actually bought 'designer' shoes per se (except for a pair of black suede Versus shoes in the 90's, and unless Camper counts as designer, hehe?), but he really liked them. I find the 'brogue' detailing is not as obvious in real life, but just adds subtly to the shoe...

*just enter the code FREE8 on purchases over £200 at Matches (for a limited time only - I'm not sure how long for).


  1. You got the Chloe's in black too?!? Jealous... also love the McQueen's - lucky lucky man!

  2. What adorable pic's. Yay!!!!!! Your Chloe's arrived. Super cool! I love that you styled them with boyfriend denim. My favourite. You will laugh at this... Those father's day shoes you bought, I bought them for my partner too :)

    xx Mandi