Monday, September 3, 2012

What I wore: Maille dress and Chloe Susanna boots

I have been meaning to post a pic of this Maille shirt dress for the longest time...I wrote about Maille a while back, and was generously and unexpectedly sent this dress as a thank you. It has been a favourite wardrobe item of mine ever since, and very much appreciated (thanks again Hellen)! Back then I was pregnant with Lil J #2, and managed to use it throughout my pregnancy, and most importantly, now, as I find 'nursing style' the most challenging. I am a big fan of 'easy' pieces like this that you just throw on, and feel good in...I remember it being one of my favourite pieces of Hellen's 'Savanna's' collection, due to my love for shirt dresses, the cute zebra print, and the 'easy' cut:



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  1. Hi Lovely, I just accidentally deleted your last sorry. But I have replied. So please check out my comment under the original post.

    Loving the red Chloé boots...looking hot hot hot!

    Georgie @ hefashionstylista