Saturday, September 15, 2012

New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 Pt 3: Bold Prints at Duro Olowu, Altuzarra, Proenza Schouler and 3.1 Phillip Lim

I had held off posting more posts on NYFW, as I was anxiously awaiting Doo.Ri's show. When it never 'showed up', I did a bit of digging around, and found out she was 'fired' from her own label! How very sad! I am a huge fan of her beautiful draping, and am curious to see where she goes (or what she does) next.

On that note, let's wrap up NYFW's shows (my favourite collections anyhow), before looking at the LFW shows that have already started:

Duro Olowu

I am a huge fan of mixing prints, even though I don't seem to have enough printed items in my wardrobe to do so. Duro's beautiful prints, including plentiful toile de Jouy mixed prints brilliantly, in winning combinations most would never dream would 'work', but they just do:

The dress to the right has me sighing...absolutely stunning! My favourite pieces of the collection, I believe...along with the dress above it.


Altuzarra's outerwear always sends tongues wagging, and for Spring Joseph brilliantly allowed us to wear our jackets over our shoulders like fashion editors always seem to do effortlessly, with vents for the arms, so that the jackets don't keep falling off annoyingly as they do when I try to do the same. The tasseled wrapped pieces remind me of Scarlett O'Hara for some reason, when she fashions her outfit out of her velvet curtains (but in a good way). The cream-coloured jacket on the third row is my favourite:

Proenza Schouler

The oriental/Samurai flavour was still present from the last collection, and why not? It was a winning look that had many of us gaga over them:

3.1 Phillip Lim

Last year, I much preferred Phillip Lim Spring/Summer collection over Thakoon's. This year the reverse has been true, although there were still several utilitarian and leather pieces that entice me, and several gorgeous prints too:

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  1. I don't know what it is I just can't get into these young NY designers, for me, I really only go out of my way to look at Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan, the rest I personally don't find appealing. Altuzarra reminds me of Balenciaga from a few years ago, and I read a similar opinion of it elsewhere. The few times I've looked at Altuzarra is looked like what somebody else already did years ago, I remember once season was very very Tom Ford era Gucci.

  2. Peekaboo dear Brigadeiro :-)

    You put a smile on my face when I read about your fav Duro Olowu dress. Same here :)
    It looks so very adorable.
    And Altuzarra ... can´t call a single piece mine but so in love with the new collection.

    Have a beautiful rest of the weekend ahead in Down Under!