Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sex and the City - and THE Dior Extremes

Like many other SATC fans out there, I waited with huge anticipation for the movie to come out this year.  The fashion was mind-blowing, but I only managed to 'absorb' 1% of it.

Every time the Christian Dior Extreme shoes (pictured above) appeared in the movie, my jaw dropped (literally), the brown Python pair in particular.  I have been obsessing about them, and the vintage one-of-a-kind reconstructed Givenchy jacket (pictured above left) ever since.  Obviously I will never get my hands on that amazing jacket, but I am SO excited that I managed to track down and acquire the Dior Pythons, these are seriously the sexiest pair of heels I've ever owned!     



  1. hey! Your shoes! I feel silly that I didn't remember seeing those shoes at all in the film. It was too much of everything overload.

  2. Haha! I agree that it was overload, which is why all I remembered well (outfit-wise) were the Dior shoes & that rosette jacket, as my eyes went as wide as tea-cups whenever they appeared onscreen :)

  3. do you by any chance know what brand the white dresse worn with the flower jacket is from?