Sunday, May 3, 2009

Candy stripes - yummy weekend

Another great weekend filled with food & wine...

Nothing could wipe the smile off hubby's face when we ate at a Southern Indian dosai & curry place, reminiscent of the food he grew up with.

Vanessa Bruno black wool, silk chiffon & lace dress (the dress has sheer silk chiffon panels on the side close-up here)
Zimmermann ruched puffy & capped sleeve top
Marc Jacobs pumps
Burberry quilted patent leather belt


  1. that dress looks great on you!
    the food looks delicious, and those passed out statues are too funny!

  2. mmm looks like a great weekend!
    love those statues.

    im indian too and my mum makes the BEST homemade dosas. hehe does your hubby ever surprise you with homecooked indian food? coz it really is the best. restaurant indian and homemade indian taste so different. mmm nothing beats palak paneer made by my mum ;)

  3. wow what a gorgeous looking restaurant! those shoes are pretty amazing answer your question, i'm pretty sure her dress is herve leger. Funny huh, it kinda looks like balenciaga s/s 08 from the jennifer connely campaign.

  4. Vanessa Bruno is also one of my favorites! Great clothes, always comfortable - in perfect colors! :)
    Wonderful outfit post, the dress is fabulous!

  5. You look lovely, as do those flowers! What a fun weekend!


  6. Nice outfit! I've never had Indian food before, I really wanna try it. And LOL the statue.

  7. Ooh, the dress is quite pretty. Also, the food looks and sounds delicious. I am addicted to all things involving curry.

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  9. The food looks very appetizing.

  10. Ah, the fooooood =]

    And of course, your ensemble is perfection. That dress fits you so well! On any other that cut would be a tricky thing to wear, mistakenly looking boyish. But you look stunning!

    La C.

  11. that dress is so beautiful! once again i am very envious! not only that but the food too. I love it when a meal is all jumbled up on a plate like that, colours all mashed together.

    in response to your comment: there was a huge smile on my face when i saw the rick owens chiffon jacket on net-a-porter. unfortunately, incredibly out of my price range and just a jacket for my dreams, but it is just so stunning. He really has some of the best ideas when it comes to jacket, say what you will about the man ahahha.

    ps. yay! is it still for the weekend of the 16th/17th? I'll keep Dries Van Noten warm for you haha.


  12. I love those pics of the restaurant (esp. the clay drunkard!) and your beautiful outfit!

  13. IDLIS!!! love the statue!

  14. -h - Thanks! Yeah, the food was delish, and that wood carving was too funny, that's what I feel like after too much food & wine! :)

    jenn - Ooh! Would LOVE to try your mom's dosas & palak paneer! Hubby's not actually Indian, but grew up in Malaysia, where he grew up eating a lot of Southern Indian food, including dosas/roti for breakfast! (I couldn't eat curry first thing in the morning, so had my roti with bananas, like a pancake and ice cream, haha). He does like cooking Indian curries though, and I make a mean Dhal (LOVE it), if I may say so myself, hehe...Have also tried homecooked Indian food, as my dad had several Indian friends in Brazil, yum yum yum.

    janettaylor, chicsensibility, couture carrie & Mary M - thanks! :)

    Modediktat - I totally agree, LOVE Vanessa Bruno, such effortless classic French chic, always with a little twist/detail, which I love!

    cruz - Sacre bleu! You haven't tried curry? LOVE LOVE LOVE curries (Indian, Thai, Malaysian...)

    the clothes horse - Me too! :)

    meg - it sure was ;)

    la couturier - Aww, thanks! But in all honesty, this dress would suit a boyish figure too, as it is pleated to give shape & curves :)

    tina - thanks! I do miss curry takeaway from the UK!

    hrose - Yeah! ;) The food was self-service, hence it's all jumbled up, which I love...all the colours together...and the green 'chutney' was pistachio & coconut, SOOOOO good!

    thumbelina fashionista - thanks!

    Anon - Ah! So that's how you spell it! I absolutely LOVED idlis! The texture, and eaten with all the curries...yum!


  15. yummy indeed--you look fabulous and so does the food!! Hope you enjoyed your weekend, my dear :-)

  16. O my goodness your shoes are preppy perfection!

  17. I love Vanessa Bruno, Her clothes are always very feminine and very modern. Pity that the picture is dark and not see very well the details, but you are gorgeous in it and as always you have combined just super cool accessories!

  18. It looks like a lot of fun and very cute outfit! I also really love your rosette dress from your previous post! It's drop dead gorgeous.


  19. My husband and I love spicy Indian food. Look delicious yum...Food and Wine for weekend sound great.
    The outfit looks great on you!

  20. That dress looks so nice on you!

  21. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous as always. you are such an inspiration. xx


  22. also brigadeiro, i was wondering if you could do a post on where you source your gorgeous clothes, jewellery, shoes etc?? e.g. online sites you recommend etc.

    and maybe any shopping tips you may have?!


  23. Beautiful DRESS , looks perfect to go to indian restuarant !!! QUE HAMBRE CUANDO HE VISTO EL PLATO POR FAVOR, DELICIOUS !!!!! KISSES a muaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  24. The indian food pics look scrumptious. Just as scrumptious: that Vanessa Bruno dress!

  25. Mmm yummy! im a sucker for good food... looks fabulous (outfit included)!

  26. looks like you had a wonderful weekend. love your outfit

  27. Hhm...looks delicous! Both the food and your dress!! xxoxoxo

  28. It looks like you had such a romantic weekend! Love the burberry belt! been wanting it forever.
    Would love for you to visit my blog :-)

  29. yummy yummy I love your Vanessa Bruno's dress, it's perfect with this pair of pumps.

  30. Hey! Nice blog! its look really good!

  31. oooh pretty! coincidentally, i learned how to make panels in pattern making today. :) xx

  32. love your outfit. the MJ pumps! x

  33. I've always wanted to own some Vanessa Bruno! Such gorgeous details! Check my new post, you'll likey! :)

  34. Beautiful pictures. I can acutally smell the flowers :D

  35. all seems to be delicious!!!

    Lovely pics!!!

    Eu visitei agora o shop on line e amei tudo o que vi. Vou ficar atenta para umas comprinhas...aonde vc mora?

    Mil beijos!!

  36. ah i just adore this blog. you have lovely style.
    i envy you, that food looks delicious!

  37. great pictures, the food looks yummy. You look so chic!

  38. love your outfit and the location is very beautiful! the little stone building!

  39. I recognise that cellar door!!! My favourite rosé... I miss you!

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