Friday, July 31, 2009

10 interesting (or not) things about myself

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Reveal 10 interesting (embarrassing, more like it in my case) things about yourself.

1. Growing up, I always wanted shiny black hair like other Asian kids I knew (mostly Japanese Brazilian)...I asked my mom why my hair was a reddish dark brown instead of black (despite being of 100% Chinese heritage), and she told me if I ate a lot of seaweed it would go black. I did, and it didn't (go black, that is), it all boils down to genetics (from my dad's side).

2. I love singing, but not in front of an 'audience/camera/people', as I suffer from stage fright. In 2 'auditions' I got so nervous I forgot my words mid-song and stopped...bad!

3. Hubby & I went out for 10 years plus, so when 'Charlotte' squealed in the 'Sex and the City' movie, excited about Carrie's engagement announcing to unsuspecting diners that her 'best friend was getting married to the guy she had been seeing for TEN years', I had a tear in my eye...s'pose hubby is my Mr. Big *blush*.

4. I was once a practising lawyer.

5. I am incredibly insectophobic, it can be quite embarassing.

6. I love reading (although I don't get to do so as much recently), and one year, counted how many books I read, the total was 74. Speaking of books...

7. Shameful confession: I only discovered the 'Twilight' phenomena in the last fortnight or so. I had heard about it (mainly through magazines & forums), but thought it was a TV series, and did not know what it was all about (other than it was about vampires, and was geared towards teenagers). One night I was bored and all movies I wanted to rent were out, so I borrowed/watched 'Twilight', and loved it (oh, the shame!), despite some terrible acting, weird 'video-clip'ish cinematography in some moments, etc...Now I understand Juan's of 'A Color' obsession with Twilight, who describes his life as 'Before Twilight and After Twilight'. I am very embarrassed to admit that since watching the movie, I have read all four and a half books (ie. including the online draft for 'Midnight Sun'), even though I have not been a teenager for well over a decade, and do not usually read this genre of books.

8. Not really about me, but my paternal grandfather has acted alongside Carrie Fisher (yes, Princess Lea herself) in a (terrible, shhhh don't tell him I said that) movie, and was also in a TV series that starred Nicole Kidman.

9. My first 'teddy bear' was a hand-me-down from my cousin, who was getting married (the bear was from her ex), and I was SIXTEEN.

10. I absolutely LOVE sakura (cherry) blossoms, they literally take my breath away.


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  1. Gorgeous answers.... I love cherry blossom trees so much as well... I'm having one on my balcony with white blossoms. Love it so much! Love the story at Number 3!!!! :)
    And - you're not alone. In the end Twillight got me, too ;) You have to watch Guillermo's version of Twilight: Hilarious!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend, S.

  2. oh my gosh, thanks for the awards, doll!! I can't wait to get to this fabulous tag--I love your answers :-)

  3. PS - and YAY! Thanks for letting me know about MidnightSun! I had no idea! Guess what I'm going to read on the weekend???? :-D

  4. Interesting! What movie was your grandfather in?! I'm so curious now!

    I first heard about Twilight through all the kids (girls) at school. They were nuts over it. Most of them wanted to marry Edward, LOL.

  5. Lovely answers, I love cherry blossom very much too.

    and thank you for the awards. I'm happy to receive them and will work on the tags.


  6. 74 livros? uau!
    Maravilhoso! Preciso ler mais ;)

  7. awww thank you for the award Brigaderiro. I'm the same way I loveeeeeee to sing and dance but not brave enough to do it in public.
    Hope you having a beautiful day,

  8. Those were some spectacular ten things about yourself! Your husband is your Mr. Big. So sweet!!!

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  10. That's so sweet of you! Thank you so much! It's very interesting to discover things about you! I watched "Twilight" just becuase I was a little curious what all the fuss was about. It didn't make me want to read the books but I hear it's very addicting! I'll be doing the tag soon! Promise! xxoxooxoxo

  11. im laughing about #7 right now!! twillight will gets people hooked, no matter how much we try to resist it!

    i hate hate HATE bugs too!

  12. that was lovely! i like these kinds of surveys and random questionaire things, it's always good to learn more about bloggers you comment on all the time! i was exactly the same, i wanted this waist length poker straight shiny black asian hair, but thanks to my european mum i got a messy length of chocolate brown instead, but i've grown to love it.

    and oh dear re: twilight. say goodbye to your social life, that phenomenon will come to rule your world. hahahaha glad you're enjoying it, i prefer harry potter myself, but it's great to have something silly to read that you don't have to concentrate too much on and just sink in and enjoy the words.


  13. Twilight is such a guilty pleasure...
    Also, so funny about the hair and the seaweed--I can so imagine kids doing that...

  14. Ooook, so because of you, I'm putting the Twilight on Netflix...

  15. I'm very amused that your mom told you the seaweed story!

  16. Hey sweetie, thanks for your comment :) Of course I wasn't able to resist and started reading yesterday evening, now on page 212.... Uuuuh, MidnightSun is way too short so far, hope Stephenie will hurry up!!! If you have loved Guillermo you will love Jimmy Fallon's Robert Pattinson vs Daniel Radcliffe video... Without words... I was laughing SO hard!!
    xoxoxoxo, S.

  17. Happy weekend to youuu...

    Ohh, what a sweeeeeeeet surprise to read my name.. (... no, that´s not me ;))
    I enjoyed so much reading your Top 10, the way you describe your amusing stories and laugh about yourself!!!! I truly share your love with cherry blossoms and also magnolia trees, it´s a pity they show their beautiful flowering for just a few days or weeks!!!

    You have winter right now in Australia, am I right?

    Liebe Grüße...
    lots of hugs.... from me!

  18. Love this tag, darling! So cool about Carrie Fisher!

    Congrats on all your awards!


  19. Your grandfather is the coolest! Pls, tell us his name, so I can stalk him on imdb (so curious now haha)

    I love cherry blossom trees as well.


  20. you're not alone, dear. im well past my teenage years but still got hooked at twilight. i watched the goblet of fire last week (to get into the new harry potter movie) and all i can say was "oh, edward!" whenever i see robert pattinson. haha. my husband thinks im crazy!!!

  21. i love sakura blossoms, too !
    i wish i could see them in spring in japan.

    i hope you had a great week end !!!

  22. oh i love singing too - i got stage fright when i was 18 and havent been on the stage since! xoxox

  23. It's amazing hoe much you can find out about someone just by a list of 10 things about themselves... I feel like you are a close friend!!! Although I'm a bit distant from the Blogsphere due to uni work, I still read Brigadeiro religiously!!!

    Voce e especial querida...

  24. Oh sweet
    I went out with my husband for ten years before we got married too.
    So hear you on Twilight - it is weird but I got totally sucked in too and I am way above the Twilight age. I think I liked the books and movie because they reminded me of young love - nothing wrong with a bit of escapism sometimes.
    C from Ten who likes Indian

  25. hahahahaha OMG there is my name (in a shamefull confession hahahahaha) Ok now I'm blushed!! hehehe.... (I have read all the four and a half book too (oh the Shame hahaha)
    My friends hate when I start talking about it, they all find all the twilight saga disturbing hahahaha

    PS: I love reading too, from Poe going tru JK Rowling and ending in Candace Bushnell (hahaha)