Thursday, September 10, 2009

Crystal magnolias...

"Spring is here, said the bumble bee.
How d'you know? said the old oak tree.
I just saw a daffodil
dancing with a tulip on a windy hill".

Does anyone know this kindergarten song? My american cousins sang it and I learned it almost 30 years ago, even hubby knows it (well, the first two lines anyway).

Slowly, but surely, Spring has arrived...even though the weather is mosly still grey, cold & wet...We have had a few beautiful Spring days, today was such a day, as was last weekend, when I went to a botanic garden in the hills to see the blossoming magnolia trees, so much beauty to behold!

Has anyone seen the movie 'Steel Magnolias'? Such a tear-jerker!

Haha, as you can tell, I had a bit of fun taking some pictures with the Swarovski Nirvana ring I was wearing...

Now, I only received a few questions from you all...But thank goodnessfor that! Such 'easy' questions, one would think, but the first one has me rambling on forever...

Thank you so much once again for your replies and questions here.

Biru: "As for my question, could you tell me a little about every place you've lived in and which one is the place you feel happier in? "

UK/England: Born in London (left at 11mths), 2 years in Cambridge (at pre-university age). Although I found Cambridge/UK beautiful, the dreary grey weather (constant drizzle & cold) and studying for A-levels meant I did not have as good a time there as my sisters did. Having studied most of my life (one year as an exception when I lived in LA/USA) in Portuguese, I found it incredibly hard learning biology/chemistry/maths in English, even though I spoke it fluently (grew up speaking English at home, Portuguese outside of home). Having to focus on studies (my plan was to go to University there after A-levels), and not having pre-established school friends, meant I was a bit of a loner (queue violins). Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed my travels to Continental Europe with my family, as well as Scotland and the rest of England. I also discovered pork pies, almond fingers, hula hoops, so many amazing foods in Tesco's & Sainsbury's (can you tell I love food?).

LOVES: Food, the beautiful countryside, the 'fenway' in Cambridge, cute cobblestone streets & gorgeous architecture, being able to cycle everywhere, the history...the cows/ducks that you see whilst you cycle. The occasional trip to London (musicals!), and the many roadtrips around UK/Europe.
DISLIKES: The weather, having to cycle in the rain/hail (in an old stiff bike with no gears), having to adapt to a new school leaving all my best friends in Brazil.

Brazil : First started off in the state of Rio de Janeiro (both in Rio & Niteroi), I don't remember much, but my parents said I was an extremely happy kid who loved the beach (that hasn't changed much), later on in the state of SP where I lived/studied in through to High School.

LOVES: The food, weather, people, friends, weekend-trips to the beach (where the 5 of us crammed into our studio beach house, tiny, but my dad remembers it as the happiest time of his life, it was indeed quite magical), road trips, including to Minas Gerais (stunning state), and especially the coast of Rio (Parati - my favourite place in the whole wide world, Ilha Grande, Angra)...the beach, guarana antartica (soft drink), visiting my grandparents in Rio, watching Xuxa, novelas ("Que Rei sou Eu" and "Bambolê" were my favourites) and the occasional Mexican soapie (e.g. "Vovô e eu" - which starred a very young Gael Garcia Bernal), I could probably list things forever...
DISLIKES: The crime in Rio, which until today makes my dad a little nervous when we go (even though he grew up there), I think most people are not nervous like him, I guess he feels very protective of us...

LA/USA: I lived just over a year here (at the age of six to seven), but visited a few times, as I have cousins in California (my grandmother, who lived in Rio now lives there too). Went to school for a year there, and have quite a few fond memories of that

LIKES: The food! Especially cereals (Alphabets and Cap'n'Crunch Peanut Butter are my absolute favourite cereals), black cherry ice cream at Ralph's (just a supermarket, but loved it!), the granola bars, string cheese, spending time with my cousins, going to Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, Seaworld.
DISLIKES: When I returned to Brazil I discovered I had to relearn Portuguese (because as a kid I had forgotten quite a bit just from not using it).

Australia: After leaving UK we came straight here, it was weird because when we left Brazil we thought we were only leaving for one year, which became two, which then became a move to a different country altogether. I bummed around for six months (school cycles finish in June in the UK, whereas here it's December) and then started University studies.

LIKES: The weather is better than UK, although not as good as Brazil (it can get really hot, e.g. 46 C or quite cold - I'd rather the less-extreme weather in Queensland/New South Wales). I am surrounded by beautiful wine regions and the beach is a 15 minute drive from the centre of the city. Good food, good wine, quite a relaxed lifestyle. The multicultural aspects, especially the food...
DISLIKES: That we are so far from everywhere else (e.g. my sisters in London get to go to Paris for the weekend, if so inclined, so unfair, haha!), there is also still quite a bit of racism in this country...

I suppose because my 'golden years' were in Brazil, I always remember it so fondly...I seriously can live anywhere, as long as my family is around (because they are not at the moment, that makes me miss them like crazy...)

Sophia: "My question is: When did you first get interested in fashion? I did seriously in Middle School."

Hm...I think in my later University years, and then seriously seriously into fashion when I started working.

Fashion&Such: "my question for you - are you at a point in your life where you have reached your goals, or have you yet to achieve them?"

I think I have yet to achieve many of my 'goals', although I have yet to figure out what they are...

Mercado: "My question for you.. what is on your non-fashion related wishlist?"

A new sofa (the hideous 80's grey leather sofa borrowed from my in-laws with a huge split on the seat is truly an eye sore, I just can't find anything I like yet), a macro (or fixed low light) lense for my camera (for food/macro shots), a ticket to Japan to visit my parents (they are there for a few months, and I have never been, miss them so much), a ticket to London to visit my sisters (miss them like crazy too), limitless time off work to be able to embark on such travels, and would not say no to a kitchen/bathroom renovation...

Any more questions?


  1. Absolutely beautiful photos!
    I adore magnolias, sadly it will be months before we have any again here. I love spring flowers.

    Florrie x

  2. Qué envidia!! En primavera... En Barcelona el tiempo ya está cambiando, las temperaturas van bajando, y de aquí poco en otoño... uffffff

    Soy una persona de verano!

    He subido un post sobre una interesante firma de Barcelona. Me parece q te puede gustar, y me gustaría saber tu opinión. ¿ Serías tan amable de "pasarte"?

    Mil gracias!

  3. Love the photos. The're really good ideas :)

  4. Love the ring and the beautiful spring photos!

  5. thank you for sharing. it's so interesting to read about your travels. brazil sounds so beautiful, not only scenery wise but in spirit.

    i love the pictures of the nirvana + flowers. i wish i knew how to do that focus foreground and blurred background thing...

  6. Thanks for answering my question. I find it amazing that you mentioned all sorts of brazilian things I know, like Xuxa and Guaraná, and yet I haven't ever gone to Brasil in my life.

    And I'm sorry my question asked for a big answer :P

  7. Pictures are unbelievable! Spring in the in NYC autumn is coming.

  8. Thanks for your lovely comments everyone!

    H- For focused foreground and blurred background you just have to change the depth of field on your camera by adjusting aperture/speed/ISO, if using a point & shoot, sometimes it works by using the 'macro' feature :)

    biru - Ah! Yes, Xuxa is a successful export ;) Can't believe she's still going strong after all these years! LOVE Guarana! Oh, and it was great trying to think on how to answer your Q, just trying to do so without boring everyone was tricky, hehe...

  9. Your photography skill is amazing!!!! It's so nice getting to know you more. Thanks for sharing w/ us.
    Have a lovely day,xxx Nini

  10. These images are so pretty- the sky is so blue! Lovely.

  11. Very beautiful photos!

    Até fiquei pensando se o anel era mesmo parte da flor! hahahah
    Lindo lindo!

    Sobre violência, é algo muito chato...penso que viver no primeiro mundo tbm tem seus problemas, como por exemplo, o terrorismo. Em países em desenvolvimento como o Brasil, o pior é a violência em algumas localidades. Já em países subsdesenvolvidos há guerra e fome extrema...

    Creio que não há lugar perfeito neste planeta...é triste...mas não podemos perder o otimismo....não é verdade?

    Mil beijos e um dia lindo para vc!


  12. And tomorrow it's going to be 29 degrees! Phew, it's going to be a warm day for us Adelaideans :-P

  13. What stunning photos, darling!

    That ring is exquisite!


  14. what beautiful pictures!! I missed your blog so much!! Good news is, I'm baaaack :-)

  15. beautiful pictures !!!
    it's always so great to know more about you :)

  16. So, I raced out this morning after looking at the photos but not getting to read your post. Just read. Wonderful! Glad to get to know you better. So, I tagged you with an award that i was given. As a result, you are supposed to tell us seven things we don't know, but I would say you've done more than that in this post . . . so choose to ignore that portion of the award if you like. Anyway, continuing to enjoy your blog.

  17. i have just a point shoot camera. my mom has a fancy one, but i really cant be bothered with all those buttons and what not. she hardly uses it herself, she bought it to take pictures of land etc... for construction purposes. im trying to get her to learn how to really USE it.

  18. Lovely ring and the magnolias are beautiful - and ah yes Steel magnolias is a total tearjerker.
    A few questions.
    What are your 5 all time favourite pairs of shoes?
    What Australian high street shops are your faves?

  19. the magnolia is one of my fav. plant and owned one indeed...i like about the fact that whenever blooming season is in there is no leaf...

  20. Hi, I was just wondering if you would mind sharing what your occupation is. Thank you!

  21. Gorgeous photos! Hope you're having a lovely Friday :-) xoxoxo

  22. Good Night to you Brigadeiro
    or should I say GOOD MORNING TO YOUU!!!
    Here in Germany it´s already after midnight so it must be early in the morning where you are!

    I love your sweet Kindergarten song!!!
    To look back to your own childhood is always filled with beautiful moments!!!
    I truly adore Magnolia trees, they show their beautiness here in Germany around May! And the most beautiful piece in one of these
    Magnolia trees is your ring!!!!;)

    Enjoy your Brazilian Independence Day/ Weekend!!!!

  23. Pretty spring pictures...and here soon the leaves will begin to change color...

  24. Twas nice to read more about your life! And nice shots ...and great pic of that fab ring!

    Enjoy your weekend.

  25. Wow, you've never bought a DVD? The September Issue has to be your first then lol. It was amazing, the whole cinema was full.

  26. Love the Q&A - lucky you to have travelled so much! xx

  27. Amazing photos... I love them all.

  28. beautiful photos.i love, your life sounds so exicitng:)you say you're from chinese heritage, have you ever been in asia?:)
    eenjoy your spring, while i enjoy autumn:)

  29. how starling those photos are .... absolutely gorgeous!

  30. I loved learning more about you!! (:

    bisous, xx


    One Love,