Friday, November 13, 2009

Day 2: Melbourne Shopping Report

Nothing like celebrating with a nice Champagne (Billecarte) breakfast...

French Toast: homemade fig, apricot, hazelnut brioche with praline cream and clover honey

Inside Madam Sou Sou: so French, so bohemian...

Baked eggs Basque style, tomato sauce with chick peas, chorizo, crème fraiche and fresh mint

La Vasette: my favourite store on Brunswick St since I first saw it in the late 90's, beautifully displayed colour-coordinated flowers, and the outside is so cute!

After our bellies were full, it was off for some shopping...

Purchases: Nil for myself. Although I did find my lovely cousin two amazing navy blue dresses (one a gorgeous Prada sleeveless dress, the other a beautiful 3.1 Phillip Lim dress...I was so sad not to be able to buy either for myself due to my expanding waistline, but happy my cousin took them home, and looked so gorgeous in both dresses...). These were purchased at Clover, thanks to i.d.'s recommendation!!!

Today's Outfit: Akira Isogawa silk/cotton embroidered maxi dress from Resort 09, Chloe silk top (worn unbuttoned and upside down, funnily I can see the tag in the photo above), Chloe bracelet lambskin bag & Havaianas slim thongs in Champagne (too hot & bothered to wear anything else).

Breathtaking moments: Finding the 3.1 Phillip Lim dress I have wanted for years, only to find that although last time I tried this size it was too big, this time it was too small, so very bittersweet...It is a shame that the store version is not as long as the runway version, I fell hard for the red flower 'bib' on the dress the first time I saw it (almost 2 years ago).

Shops covered:
Brunswick St: Clover (No. 404, I believe) - my first time to this store, and I must come back to it next time!
Cactus Jam International at QV - Albert Coates Ln
, Christensen Copenhagen (ditto), Belinda at GPO - I did not have much time for shopping in the afternoon, nor the stamina, due to the heat.

Food: Champagne breakfast at Madam Sou Sou (231 Brunswick St, Fitzroy) - another brilliant recommendation by the gorgeous and oh SO talented i.d. of justfashionartdesign - Thank you so much Imma! LOVED it!

PS. Thank you all for your well-wishes for hubby's exam! He passed!!! We only found out a few days ago, but he was the only person in the country to pass both the written AND oral exam this year! Not only am I so proud of him, but so happy I finally get him 'back', it's been a long year of studying (and doing less fun stuff, and me having to watch TV with headphones on, haha). WOO HOO!


  1. Lovely post. shopping is soo much fun!!!

  2. Oooh SUCH an exquisite breakfast I'm jealous! And La Vasette looks GORGEOUS! You look so pretty (and we only see you from behind! ;)) I wish we could see the front although it's a given you'd look pretty as always!
    Have fun today! :)

  3. i hear you about the 3.1 phillip lim dress, i have had my eye on it for months now since first seeing it. it's amazing!

  4. that lim dress looks so beautiful. but there are always more lovely dresses... ;)
    speaking of dresses, are you a fan of catherine malandrino?

    the food looks so delicious. and the scenery looks lovely as well.

  5. So glad you had fun in Melbourne! Clover was one of my favorite boutiques...I scored a $100 pair of Lanvin ballet flats, a beautiful white silk Phillip Lim blouse and many, many more things during my year there. And I have yet to find a brunch more delicious than at Madame Sousou's! xo

  6. My jaw dropped at the pic of the french toast OMG yummy! Love the pics...I might've asked before but what kind of camera do you use? Thanks!

  7. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone!

    Intan Alasdair - aw, you are too kind ;)

    -h - sometimes I see a Catherine Malandrino that I like, I don't own any of her designs...

    i.d. - thanks again for the recommendations! Next time I'll check the city Clover store as well. I spent ages in the Fitzroy store, and only covered 1-2 racks!!!

    Monica - Thx! The French toast was yummier than it looks :) I use a Nikon D90 SLR.

    xx to you all!

  8. Oi, Clarice! Que dia divertido, adorei as fotos. O vestido é belíssimo, que pena que vc não encontrou o tamanho certo. E nossa, passar o natal no Japão, que maravilha!!!! Adoraria conhecer este país um dia.. :) Beijos!

  9. Wow congrats to your smart husband.

  10. Happy friday, Brigadeiro!!!

    Your Akira Isogawa embroidered dress is such a dreamticket. I truly love these cozy dresses and your one looks very beautiful and delicate with all the embroideries!
    And the 3.1 Phillip Lim dress: The mix of blue, ivory and the red bib necklace is simply stunning!
    I´m sure you´ll find the dress in the future in the perfect size for you!!!

    HAVE AN ENJOYABLE STAY IN MELBOURNE and wonderful weekend ahead!

  11. That food looks yummy! Enjoy :)

  12. I love your outfit with the Havainas... so chic & relaxed at the same time... you're a girl that's got her head in the lovely fashion clouds and her feet firmly grounded :-P
    congrats to hubby, entering my week of uni exams just now and couldn't even begin to imagine the stress of an exam that only 1 person passed nationally! special treat is well deserved :-) (and for you too for being so supportive!)

  13. Another gorgeous and delicious post, darling!
    Congrats to your husband!


  14. Amazing food pics!! Getting so hungry right now!! Your dress is so beautiful!! xxoxoxoxo

  15. i don't know clover!! what have i been missing out on??

  16. Amazing photos, as usual! Your food posts always make me so hungry! Glad you had a lovely day. x

  17. Love the food pictures. You should work for Gourmet magazine!

  18. News on daily-women, 2 new posts by O&M :
    An interview to a young girl who loves Chineese & Japan style, and a photo shoot by Olivia in Leopard dress :)

    come on and see us !
    have a nice day :) x.o.x.o


  19. Thanks for taking us along on a little vicarious shop and chomp! The first shot of the champagne is amazing. And the breakfast looks mouthwatering. Mmmm. Sorry to hear that the Phillip Lim dress was a size too small-- the red bib is spectacular. I remember that one!

  20. Yay for your husband! That's quite an achievement.

  21. Ohh the food shots look amazing! :)

  22. Me chifla tu vestido azul tinta con las flores y el chal, estás maravillosa !!!