Friday, August 27, 2010

Sydney Day 3 - Sweets & Asian Treats

Warning: This post may be overladen with food pictures.
Viewing this post may induce hunger.

I finally got the chance to visit Adriano Zumbo's patisserie, as I have been dying to try his macarons and incredible creations...We started with an almond croissant (which was devoured before I got the chance to photograph it), and the berry brioche above. We decided to save the other treats for dessert later on the day. After picking up a boxful of goodies, we headed back into town for lunch at Mamak's, for some Malaysian food:

Goat curry


Sambal prawns

Spicy chicken

For dinner, after all that rich food, and knowing we had some special desserts coming our way, we decided to eat something light, so we ordered takeaway from Monkey Magic (wish I could have gone there for dinner, but trying to keep to lil J's sleep schedule, we decided to stay in - so if you cannot get to the mountain, bring it to you, I say):



Passionfruit curd tart

I'll get back to you Barry (yes, that was the name of the dessert) - chocolate yogo creme brulee, chocolate gel, chocolate cereal crunchy, chocolate sable breton, chocolate caramel mousse and chocolate piaquette

Macarons: vanilla, orange & chocolate, pear & vanilla

The Shabalicious - caramel crunch, caramel sponge, caramel cheesecake, caramel chew and caramel cream cheese mousse. It is soft, sweet, crunchy, spongy, rich and toffee like – all in one. It is like a cheesecake, hold the cheese and add the caramel.

Roses are red, mandies are orange (name of the dessert) - rose & mandarin macaron, rose creme brulee, mandarin curd and mandarin creme legere - this was my favourite dessert we bought at Adriano Zumbo's!


  1. awww... they loook....DELICIOUS!

  2. Pear and vanilla macarons ? Yummy !!!
    The last dessert looks amazing ...

  3. oh my god, I love macarons, and those desserts = amazing.

    need to get myself up to Sydney asap? :)


  4. You have missed your calling as a professional food photographer. Happy you got to Zumbo and I am looking forward to your Byron post.


  5. yummy! You should take pictures for Gourmet magazine!!

  6. Lovely photos - especially the Zumbo goodies!