Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sydney Pt 2 - Boxing Day at The Winery

Whilst waiting (patiently) to hear an update on the impending arrival of my nephew; hubby, Lil J, Big J (my little sister, who used to be Lil J and has now been 'promoted') all headed for a lovely brunch at 'The Winery' in Surry Hills...Being a Sunday meant we enjoyed sangrias at half price (woo hoo!), as well as some tasty food :

No, no sangria for you, Lil J.

Seared tuna with a marinated pepper, fetta & baby herb salad...delish!

Shallow fried peppered squid with mint & coriander

Ah...fries, so good with (almost) anything...

Stuffed roasted mushrooms with ricotta, pine nuts & pesto

This was so good...Dory, King Prawns & baby veggies steamed in a paper bag, apple & honey vinaigrette

Couldn't help photographing my other baby (Chanel 2.55 reissue with gold hardware), loved the wrought-iron gate in the background.

White chocolate mascarpone mousse, berry compote & an almond tuile...I had to ask for extra berry compote to balance this dessert as it was so sweet!

Top: Thakoon silk 'eyelash' blouse
Sunglasses: Tiffany & Co. aviators (funnily, with the lighting, it looks like one lens has fallen off or something)
Jewellery: Burberry necklace (xmas pressie given by my sister, who at the time this was taken was in hospital)

Pants (not pictured): Topshop black harem pants

My favourite model (Bruna Tenorio) wearing a different version of my blouse (close-up of the eyelash print here)

Ah, during lunch we finally heard the happy news! Lil J2 is here!!!(yes, another 'J')...

too cute for words!

It is his mom's (i.e. my sister's) birthday today:



  1. The babies in your family are GORGEOUS!

  2. Hello Lil J "2"!!!
    That necklace is exquisite, and the eyelash print is lovely on you. Those stuffed mushrooms look delicious.

  3. the print is amazing..

    and congrats to your sister. another cut baby in the family.

  4. Hummmm those mushrooms look amazing!!! Lil J is getting so big! Ela é linda, parabéns!

  5. Adorable!

    P.S. The winery is literally around the corner from my office! :)

  6. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone!

    i.d. - really? In that case you must live so close to my sister, she lives around the corner from The Winery! :)