Friday, January 21, 2011

Recent Buy: Dries Van Noten Painterly Silk Semi-Wedge Pumps

I fell head over heels over Dries Van Noten's Fall/Winter 2010 collection, most of all, over his stunning painterly floral prints on silk, as previously posted here & here. I seldom buy silk shoes because they are so easy to get dirty, but I simply could not resist this pair: from my favourite print of the collection to its wedge heel that is still slim enough to look like a pump from behind, L O V E :

PS. The pictures of my shoes seem a little brighter than they are in real life...ah well, at least you can see the print!
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fantabulous weekend everyone!


  1. I don't know what it is, but Dries never does anything for me on the runway. I remember that you always look so lovely in Dries. The print and color of the shoes are beautiful.

  2. Wow Amazing heels! Were they expensive? I'm looking for some too! xx

  3. They are gorgeous. I love the chunkier heel!

  4. Hi just wondering how these fit? Do they run large or small, because I'm seriously considering buying these but can only get them online.


  5. Hi Renae - I bought mine in my usual size, and find them mostly TTS, on some days I find my heel slips off the shoe, but not enough that I would use an insole. Hope that helps! ;)

  6. oh thank you so much, it really was helpful!