Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I'm back! With Instatravel Diary Part 1 - Paris

Bad blogger, bad blogger!

I am so so sorry for going MIA for as long as I have.  Paris/France was much busier than I thought it'd be (which was very nice for a change), and the only night I had access to a computer with internet was the night I had to pack my suitcase...

I had an amazing time, met amazing people (Nathalie, Olivier & Jeremy: here's looking at you), met my favourite Haute Couture designer Yiqing Yin and was blown away by her show (as well as backstage), ate incredible food (too much!), spent priceless time with my family, traveled to Champagne and Provence (and 2 days in London), did a spot of shopping (more on that sometime later), and just had an absolute blast!

I got back late last week and jet-lag has been horrendous (still is, especially since Lil Brigs #2 has been sleeping terribly too).  I have been meaning to share some of my 2,000 or so photos, but I accidentally deleted my Photoshop! With my pictures take in RAW form it'd take forever to upload them, so until I have that sorted, I thought I'd share some of my Instagram pics.  I still hope/intend on sharing my actual camera pictures (I took a few snaps of fashionistas I often feature on this blog!), and I know a few of you may have seen these already, but since not everyone's on Instagram, here is my first installment (in a reverse chronological order, just to be extra confusing - start from the bottom going from right to left):

So working from bottom to top, right to left:

1. Cool flooring at London's 'Duck & Waffle'
2. Cool bottles hanging from the ceiling of 'Duck & Waffle'
3. Haute Couture show invites
4. View from the apartment in Le Marais (opposite Martin Grant's 'institute')
5. View from the apartment in Le Marais
6. Backstage pass to Yiqing Yin's Haute Couture show
7. View from my bedroom
8. What I wore (Saba top, Zara skort, Nike & Chanel reissue)
9. Inside Dries Van Noten's flagship store
10. Plaid at Dries Van Noten
11. New collection at Dries Van Noten
12. Late night gateaux
13. Outfit (Chloe dress, Dries Van Noten clutch)
14. Outside Grand Palais - Chanel Haute Couture
15. Heading to Stephane Rolland's Couture show
16. Backstage pass to Stephane Rolland
17. Waiting for bus to go to Julien Fourne's Couture show
18. Beautiful invite to Oscar Carvallo's Couture show
19. Late night dessert at the apartment
20. Outfit worn to day 3 (standing outside for Serkan Cura's Couture show - 3.1 Phillip Lim rosette dress, Isabel Marant Betty sneakers & Chanel bag)
21. Serkan Cura 'Constellation'
22. Instavideo of the Serkan Cura show
23. Lunch - melted goats chevre salad
24. Backstage at Yiqing Yin's Couture show 25. Ditto

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