Monday, October 6, 2014

Labor Day Outfit in 'My Red Lippy' Panama hat

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

It was a lovely long one here Down Under with some lovely sunny weather (except for today), but for 3 days we got to sun it up in the pool and have a lovely time!

Outfit details:

Hat: My Red Lippy Panama:

I must admit I am terribly un-sun smart, and only ever think of wearing a hat when at the beach (and not even that at times).  When asked to wear a hat to my Lil' Brigs #1's 'pre-school's picnic lunch, I realized I didn't have a hat, and found out about 'My Red Lippy' later on that day.

After being diagnosed with a melanoma at 5 months pregnant with her second child, Sarah Curtis sought out beautiful hats with wide brims that actually kept the sun out to protect one's my skin.  After much disappointment of never finding the right hat that both looked great and was fully functional, she started ‘My Red Lippy’.  These Panama hats are handwoven in Ecuador, as Sarah works with an Ecuadorian Co-op that helps women and children through teaching the a trade, and have a wider brim than your usual Panama hat, to offer greater sun protection.  Reading about Sarah Curtis' story made me realize I really should be more sun-smart, and it's so great that I can do that whilst still being stylish!

Dress: Sundry Clothing (available at Shopbop):

You all know about my love for stripes, when I first put this dress on I had to do a double-take to inspect the fabric composition tag, as it is so so uber soft! I will be wearing this a lot in the next few months.

Shoes: Dries Van Noten sandals (from 2009 collection)

Bag: Celine Navy Trio

Watch: Larsson Jennings Chain Metal watch in black (available at Liberty, from Larsson Jennings and Net-a-Porter

Sunglasses: Jimmy Fairly

Skincare: Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery with SPF 50 (available at SelfridgesAdore Beauty and David Jones)

Pressed Juices (black!) Lemonade - yes, black! It is part of their new Spring Range, and I was intrigued, for those who are too, the black is due to the Activated Charcoal, which you cannot taste at all, it is simply an unsweetened lemonade, very refreshing, actually.

Johanna Basford colour-in postcards: bought this 'book' of postcards with Lil' Brigs #1 whilst on our 'date' at the Art Gallery last week, she loves it! (you can find the book version here - which I have since bought, as well as another set of the postcard book, it is too cute!)

Thanks to Gina at Torstar and Sarah Curtis for my hat, I love it!  

Thanks to Kate at Bell Fashions for my Sundry dress, it is so beautifully soft I want to live in it!

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  1. Sounds like a great initiative and the hat looks really cool. I've always been pretty careful and wore SPF 30 every day on my face. But then it turned out I had a vitamin D deficiency. Now I have to be in the sun as often as possible during summer, otherwise I feel awful when the days get shorter and darker :s

  2. I think that's a great summer look. I love the hat and the dress. How is the sizing on the dress? I noticed it's 1,2,3 and I'm an Aussie 8-10 so not sure whether 1 or 2 would work better. Thanks!!!!

    1. For an AUS 8-10 I'd go with the size 1 ;) HTH!

    2. PS. If you're more towards a true 8 (i.e. not a Country Road 8), I'd go for 1, if more towards the 10+ and you want a looser fit as shown on the Shopbop model I'd think the 2 is better. Sorry if that's confusing. I'm more of a CR 8 (and sadly not a true 8), and the 1 is not as loose on me as it is on the model, hoping to remedy that :)

    3. Thanks for that! It's always good to hear from someone who has worn it. My shape has changed a bit post baby so I find it even more confusing when I'm not able to try it on! Thanks again

  3. I just checked out My Red Lippy. Absolutely perfect hats and just what I've been after but haven't been able to find.

    I suffer from malasma on my face quite badly so really need to be sun smart to reduce the painful laser treatments!

    I love that Sarah is also doing something to help the Ecuadorian community in addition to bringing such a great product to the market.

    Mandi /

    1. I'm so glad my post led you to Sarah's brilliant 'My red lippy' hats/website! Isn't it great? Love everything about it.

      Hope you are well Mandi!