Thursday, November 27, 2014

Brigadeiro's (Christmas - or not) Gift Guide Pt 1: 'The Boys' (boyfriend, husband, partner, colleague father, brother, friend, and so forth)

I once wrote about my love for well-curated gift guides, as I am quite often stumped for gift ideas ideas.  I never thought I would actually compile one as I'm the one always hungry for suggestions.  But this year, I looked back, and thought that for once, I actually have some purchases I could compile and share with you all.

I thought I'd start with the toughest one: "The Boys".

I don't know about you, but every year I am stumped as to what to get hubby, it doesn't help that his birthday is only a few weeks away from Christmas either.  Let's face it, there are only so many ties/cufflinks/sunglasses/wallets/CD's (well, that was a few years ago) that one can buy for them, but here I some other items I've given, from all different price points, and some especially good for the 'boys' who have 'everything':

Details for each item (including links to where you can buy them) below (and some items that didn't make it in this pic).


 1. A coffee subscription (such as the one from Nobs Coffee), until recently I never knew such a thing existed.  As a coffee aficionado, I find the idea of receiving coffee in the mailbox each month absolutely brilliant.  Especially since I get to sample the coffee from the best roasters in Melbourne without having to board a plane.  Each month I receive coffee from a different roaster, which keeps things interesting, and means I get to drink something different to the 2kgs of Tanzanian and Colombian beans we buy each month.

2. A portable alcohol breathalyzer - I think anyone who drinks alcohol and drives should have one of these, especially if they can fit in a person's pocket, they can range from $200 (here), $150 (on sale from $250 here, or this one from Target) to $50 (here), or even colourful ones on a keychain (here).

3. Zetronix video goggles - Shhhh...don't tell hubby, I am giving these for his birthday next week.  I first saw them on Moda Operandi (I've gotten amazing gift ideas from them!), and am so very pleased I did! Hubby is forever watching soccer matches and what not on his phone, and these Virtual Display Video Glasses by Zetronix create a simulated 50” personal screen for watching music, television and so forth, they connect to almost every device—from smart phones to cable boxes—to deliver a virtual experience anytime, anywhere.

4. Daniel Wellington watch - they are not very expensive and is fun to have as you can get interchangeable straps to change its look from workday to weekend - available from East Dane (Shopbop's male counterpart), Bloomingdale's, and Asos.

5. Ullu leather iPhone case - I absolutely love the leather on this, and I used to work with leather (once upon a time), these are beautifully crafted and are such a great affordable present to give!

6. Parrot Zik by Philippe Starck noise-cancelling wireless headphones - another brilliant gift idea I got from Moda Operandi last year (via their gift guide).  I first saw them at Colette in Paris with hubby and forgot about them by the time his birthday came around, thank goodness for Moda Operandi's gift guide which reminded me about these gorgeous headphones.  I'm eyeing the white and gold headphones myself (from Selfridges).  Hubby absolutely loves these and pored over 100's of reviews before hitting 'buy', to make sure it wasn't just a 'pretty face', these headphones deliver form and function!

7. Diary by Mi Goals - I wouldn't normally think of a diary as a gift, but I really love this one, obviously many of these presents on this post aren't just for men, as some of these items are my own, haha...But this diary in particular is inspirational and motivational yet funky at the same time, love the stationery range at Mi Goals! These are available from The Iconic.

8. Ray Ban folding sunglasses - these again are my own, but seriously, how absolutely cool is it that these sunglasses fold into this tiny square that you can easily fit into your pocket? I'm eyeing their aviators and clubmaster sunglasses next (for both hubby and myself, haha).  These are available from Revolve Clothing, East Dane and Shopbop, The Iconic, Nordstrom and Bloomingdale's.
pics from Larsson & Jennings

9. Larsson and Jennings Chain Metal watch - these are mine but hubby is always wanting to borrow it, love unisex watches! And absolutely LOVE this watch (also love it in silver or gold, and their leather-strapped versions are gorgeous too)! Available at Liberty's, Net-a-Porter, and directly from Larsson & Jennings.

10. Aesop x APC Post-poo drops (remember my post here?) - haha, I know, this may be a funny present, but in all honesty, we love it! It is absolutely brilliant! Great present for the guy/person who has it all! Available at Liberty's.

11. Everlane Twill snap backpack - ok, so these items above are not quite 'manly', but I bought this backpack for hubby for Christmas last year, and one in navy for my brother-in-law (secretly or not so secretly wanting both).  They are stylish, practical and won't break the bank! I absolutely love them, and uhm...borrow it almost every day!
Available directly from Everlane (I used Hop Shop Go mail forwarding service, since Everlane don't ship to Australia directly)

(pic from Urban Outfitters)

12. Donut Pool Float - ok, I also have this on its way to me (for Christmas presents - shhhh, don't tell!).  Look at it! How cool is this?!? Who wouldn't be floating on a giant iced doughnut, haha? I bought mine from Urban Outfitters.

13. Iacoli and McAllister designs 'Hex bottle opener - another one I am going to buy this year, how beautiful is it? Love it when something sports both form and function - available from Moorea Seal.

Like I said, most items here are not at all confined to 'just boys', so perhaps there will be items in my next Gift Guide(s) that could be added to this category and vice versa, so watch this space!

Any other favourite 'gift ideas' for 'the boys' you'd like to share?

n.b. All pics my own unless otherwise stated, taken on my iPhone/Instagram.

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  1. Love this! So many wishlist items :)

  2. Great gift ideas! Definitely hard buying for boys. Love the donut float haha ;)