Wednesday, February 25, 2015

GM2NY - Get me to New York (pretty please with sugar on top?) - and how to tie a scarf

I have been meaning to post about GM2NY for months now, since mid last year even, since I got my first scarf from this Sydney-based label, but just as well, as I have since then been lucky enough to add their gorgeous shoes and wallets to my 'collection'.  Even though I wore my cashmere-blend scarf to death, with its gorgeous Mancoon print on it, I never felt my picture of it did it justice.  The large size is no longer available, but the square pocket is.  I thought I'd post a link to it to demonstrate how one would never realize or see the 'big picture' on these gorgeous scarves were they not stretched out.  When I first saw the beautiful prints I wondered how one could wear what could essentially be a beautiful wall hanging; but when worn, the beautiful shades and colours on the print produce a beautiful and abstract effect instead of a picture (as seen in my photo of the scarf below, and in the many pictures on the website). 

Created in 2012 by the lovely Rhamya Freitas, 'Get me to New York' combines fashion with travel and style.  With beautiful silk and cashmere scarves, gorgeous leather travel wallets (with the most beautiful silk lining - see this pic), stunning silk shoes and more (even cushions!), Rhamya presents a cohesive collection of liquid soft silks with vibrant prints of city skylines and travel inspired landscapes.  Each designs is born from a photo, so that each creation is a snapshot of a city travelled, which in turn becomes a wearable piece of art.  Having said that, I find her shoes deserved to be framed and hung on a wall, just look at them!

There are several items currently on sale in GM2NY's store, including the lovely Albion silk scarf I also have (the silk is uber soft).  I am in love with my burnt orange leather travel wallet, can't wait to take it abroad, although I am more than happy to 'travel' with it to a cafe or restaurant...

To encourage myself to wear my silk scarves more (GM2NY and not), I have included a brilliant video I found a while ago, made by Nordstrom, on how to tie 4 scarves 16 ways.  Having used sarongs extensively, many styles I had known of previously, but there are a few I have yet to try.  The video shows one of my favourite ways of using a scarf in an unexpected way (as a kimono jacket), I also used to love tying my scarves into dresses and tops.

Do you have a favourite way to wear your scarf?

GM2NY Albion silk scarf (currently half price!)
 I want to frame these silk shoes and hang it on the wall...
I wish I had captured the beautiful signature silk lining in this gorgeous travel wallet, the colour and leather is so beautiful too...
 Mancoon cashmere and modal scarf, so light yet warm and so so soft and cozy...

all pics my own.

Video on how tie scarves via Nordstrom.

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  1. Those shoes!!! Holy smokes. Gorgeous.

    And beautiful photos! So cozy.

    xo Natasja

    1. Thanks Natasja! And yes, those shoes are a work of art, aren't they? :) x CC

  2. Beautiful photos and silk shoes!