Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Happy Lunar/Chinese New Year!

Apologies for going MIA once again, with a trip to Sydney and Melbourne in the last month or so, it seems I lost track of time once again.  But am now determined to get back on track.

For those who would like daily updates from me, you can follow me both on Instagram and/or Tumblr (where I don't repost any images, but rather post my own 'photos' and 'microblog' instead).

Otherwise, I hope to post at least weekly from here on.

For those still with me, thanks for sticking around, for any new people: hello, please do say hi!

And to you all!

Happy Lunar New Year!

This is what I wore to the 'Chinese New Year's Eve dinner', an old favourite by American-Chinese (born in Thailand) designer Phillip Lim:

all images mine - please do not use without permission, thanks!

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