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Steven Tai - self professed bookworm, textile genius.

A self-professed bookworm, Canadian designer Steven Tai graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2011. Following stints at Stella McCartney, Viktor & Rolf, Hussein Chalayan, and Damir Doma, he won the inaugural Chloé award at the 2012 Hyères Festival and debuted his eponymous label later that year. With a passion for textiles, Steven likes to focus on craftsmanship, researching technological innovations that can be passed onto everyday wear; a showpiece can take up to two months to create for his runway presentation. He has previously incorporated laser cutting, silk screening, bonding, and aqua suede accents (similar to puff paint), along with elaborate embroidery and has collaborated with artists such as Lola Dupré. Despite his innovative collection, Steven balances ‘craziness’ with ‘wearability’ by using simple silhouettes. He explains: “At Saint Martins, nothing you can do is crazy enough. I learned from that, but it’s important to have a balance. Technology and textiles are the crazy parts of my collection. It’s all about these insane, complicated procedures, and the silhouette stays simple—otherwise, it gets a bit overwhelming". 

(excerpt from a piece I wrote for the latest issue 9 of Peut-être magazine, where you can read our interview with designer Steven Tai himself.)

I simply cannot get enough of Steven's amazing designs, as a lover of innovative and beautiful textiles, I am a huge admirer of the incredible work he does with his, it is truly art.  The square cut silk squares that have appeared in more than one collection are among my favourite pieces. But it is the 'easiness' to his pieces that I particularly adore, relaxed and casual cuts but that still exude elegance...

Wait until you see his latest collection (I will be saving that for another post)!

Do check out our issue 9 of Peut-être Magazine for more on this incredible designer.

Square-cut silk with aqua suede accents with a brilliant print done in collaboration with Spanish artist Lola Dupré of a bio-dome in London.

Worn with Aana Janakis cuff and Just female dress (purchased from Asos
 When researching for the piece and interview we wrote for Issue 9 I fell in 'obsession' with this top, and tracked it down to a little store in NYC, In Support Of (who stock an amazing range of designers).  I just had to have it, if only to frame it and hang it on the wall, it is just gorgeous.

 Our article/interview with designer Steven Tai in Issue 9 of Peut-être magazine.
Worn with Aana Janakis cuff and Zara skirt.

all pics above are mine via iPhone/Instagram.

Here are some of my favourite pieces from Steven's recent collections:

Spring Summer 2014

 Autumn Winter 2014

Spring Summer 2015

all collection pieces taken from

I came across this brilliant video (made a while back) that nicely gives us some insight to Steven Tai:

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