Friday, May 6, 2016

I love the moon and back.

Can you believe Lil' Brigs #1 turned 6 this week?!? How time flies! And there has never been a dull moment since! It seems like it was only yesterday she was born or celebrated her first birthday.  The last 6 years (and four years with Lil' Brigs #2, who celebrated his birthday on the same day as #1) have been both challenging yet rewarding as a mother.  As my sister once said (quite rightly), being a mother is like falling in love deeper and deeper each day.  Of course, there are days moments when things are not always peachy, hairs turn grey overnight, patience is tested, new skills are (forcefully) acquired, but that is what is amazing about being a mother...And through all that I wanted to remind my daughter how much I love her.  Of course, I remind her verbally as often as I can, and when I ask her: "How much does mommy love you"? She stretches her arms wide and says "Thiiiiis much", or "To the moon and back" (echoing words I tell her myself).

For her 6th birthday I thought it would be nice for her to have a constant reminder of that incredible love I have for her, a reminder that even when I may not exactly show it at a particular moment in time, that I love her to the moon and back...

And so I gave her this super cute charm from Emma & Roe, that says just that.  I like the idea that I can add a charm (perhaps each birthday?) to this bracelet, like a little 'diary perhaps, of our time together: this Eiffel Tower charm to remind us of our trip to Paris, a little treble clef to represent her love for music, little ballet shoes as she started classes this year...

And while I was there, I decided to get something for myself too, for days after she arrived, I celebrated my first Mother's Day, and this Sunday will be my 6th! Diamonds are a girl's best friend after all, and as I have a predilection for 'minimal' jewellery, I opted for some diamond stacker rings in yellow and white gold (gold ring is now on sale since I got mine!).

There's something for everyone on Emma & Roe's website, with great gift ideas for your nana, mom, or even when a new addition arrives in your family...

 I love you...
  to the moon and back!
My little something something for Mother's Day...
 This photo above was taken by the amazing Food Stylist, Photographer, Graphic designer and cook Shellie Froidevaux, who has the most amazing recipes on her beautiful website!  Planning on making her Chocolate + Potato Chips Cookie and Chocolate Chickpea cookie asap (I know, don't they sound crazy amazing?!?).

 Thanks for the shot Shellie!  Don't you wish every breakfast looked like this?!? Daydreaming this will be me again this Sunday...
All other photos taken by me.



  1. Happy Mom's day :) It does feel like 2 seconds ago that you had Brigs 1!

    1. Thanks H! And it does, doesn't it? :o Haha, how time flies! Hope you are well! x

  2. How sweet are your photos! x <3

    1. Aw thanks, sweet Shellie! :) Thanks again for letting me use that last photo ;) xx CC